Definition Digestive

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Definition Digestive by Spiegelau

The digestive glass is designed to present the flavours and aromas of fine spirits at its best, making every sip a truly luxurious experience. Featuring a unique design that allows the drink to be gently swirled, releasing even more of its aroma and flavour. The narrow top of the glass then concentrates these scents, further enhancing your tasting experience.
Machine-made and dishwasher safe.

Definition is an evolution of two previous SPIEGELAU collections: Willsberger (1982) and Hybrid (2011). With the help of proprietary new technology, SPIEGELAU introduces a modern collection of thin machine-made glasses. These stunningly elegant glasses are light as a feather, feel perfectly balanced in hand, and showcase wine's aromas and flavours at their very best.


This set contains 6 pieces.

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