Professional ShowCave

EuroCave Professional offers a comprehensive range of wine cabinets dedicated to professionals: the hotel industry, wine bars, restaurateurs, sommeliers and wine merchants. EuroCave manufactures, in France, wine cabinets with 2 temperature zones or multi temperature zones, single-temperature wine maturing cabinets and display cabinets for storing or serving wine. The different sizes of these professional wine cabinets allow storage ranging from 74, 100, 150 to over 200 bottles. They are fitted with shelves to store, categorize or display wine. Thanks to a choice of solid or glass door, your wine is well protected and displayed. Free-standing, flush-fitting under a worktop or inside a column or built into a custom-made unit, these cabinets can be installed in a wine storage room or dining room to promote your wine list.


Completely customise your interior layout:

The interior layouts of the Series 9000 range are made up of stainless steel rods and Main du Sommelier supports allowing you to create a customised, adaptable interior layout according to your storage requirements or depending on how you want to display your bottles. The 9180V model can store up to 180 bottles.


By combining luxury, high-quality materials, ShowCave has reinvented the wine display case. It is devised and designed as a display case, to protect your finest wines whilst displaying them to maximum effect. Indeed, LEDs placed along the walls diffuse soft, amber lighting which dramatically displays your fine wines and catches the eye. A bold combination of decorative element and advanced technology to protect your wines. Flush-fittable with shallow depth, ShowCave will suit all interiors. The assembly possibilities for ShowCave are endless, so give free rein to your imagination and create a unique, personal ambiance.