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Maturing cabinet
Built-in and Flush-fitted – Full Glass door

The Premium pack comprises 14 sliding shelves allowing you to store 89 bottles.

H x W x D (in inches): 74 7/16" x 23 3/8" x 23 1/4"
H x W x D (in mm): 1890 x 594 x 590
Weight: 201 lbs – 91.3 kg

***** Additional Information *****

Inspiration Wine Cabinets by EuroCave.  

Inspiration wine cabinets are designed primarily for kitchen or open plan concept rooms.  The cabinets can be fully built-in or flush-fitted; this allows your wine cabinet to seamlessly blend in the living or kitchen space.


Maximum number of sliding shelves per cabinet is indicated per the individual product. 
Service Shelves is presentation rack within the cabinet.  

Narrow depth cabinets up to 89 bottle capacity.  

built in or fully integrated flush mount wine cabinet.  

Front door panel available in full glass, stainless steel with glass or integrated door (solid)  

Technical Features:

  • Electronic Regulation
  • Temperature Range: 41 to 68°F (5 to 20°C)
  • Internal Air Fan for air circulation and regulation of temperature throughout cabinet.  
  • LED screen with touch buttons
  • Automatic defrost 
  • Argon within glass door panels for greater UV protection
  • Lock included
  • Interior light strip
  • Handle built into door
  • Low energy consumption
  • low noise level
  • built in alarm system for door ajar, humidity, temperature and filter change

The superior alarm function available on top models notifies of temperature or humidity issues, as well as need for filter change.  

Embossed Aluminum Walls – Advantages

The walls of the Euro Cave are all made of embossed aluminum.  Embossed aluminum provides, better temperature distribution internally in the cabinet.  Because aluminum is a conductor.  Humidity is better retained with embossing on the interior walls.  This eliminates water from flowing too rapidly within the walls and out to the back draining tank. 

What makes Inspiration unique?  

If you have White Glove Delivery Service:  

Delivery indicated is for white glove main floor delivery unless otherwise specified.

What may change your shipping cost?

  • Where cabinet is being positioned
  • # of steps to enter your building, number of stairs within
    *availability of elevator if applicable.
  • clearance through doors, ceiling height, furniture obstructions
  • easy access to driveway and home entrance
  • can an 18 wheeler access your home or will a smaller truck be required?

What else is important to know about your delivery?

  • You may want to remove any necessary doors prior to the cabinets arrival to save time.
  • Your ceiling height must be minimum 12” taller than the cabinet itself to allow it to be positioned into place.

Delivery Scheduling
Delivery appointments are scheduled within a 4-hour window between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. If you require a more specific time delivery or Saturday delivery (not available everywhere), additional charges may apply. There are no deliveries on Sunday or holidays. Fuel surcharge will be included in rate quoted.

Additional Charges
If the cabinet is NOT being delivered to first floor then additional delivery charges will apply to the prices indicated online.

Additional delivery fees may be assessed for stair carries.

Long carries are defined as distances greater than 100' from where the truck parks to the front door of the delivery site. Any distance over 100' will be assessed an additional rate in increments of 50'.

If local delivery or safety conditions considerations warrant the use of an additional person the additional charges will apply & will be considered at time of quote.

Additional delivery fees may be required if you are located outside a regular delivery service area or major urban area.

Receiving the cabinet
The delivery man may need to remove the cabinet from its packaging prior to entry to your home. Please ensure you inspect the packaging as indicated below prior to uncrating.

The cabinet is supposed to be leveled upon delivery, however, we find that this area is often overlooked by the delivery staff and often not needed. If this is important to you, then you will want to have a level on hand and guide the delivery people to ensure the cabinet is level.

***** Warranty *****

Inspiration Catalogue
Inspiration Installation Diagrams

Inspiration Technical Sheet - XS
Inspiration Technical Sheet - S
Inspiration Technical Sheet - M
Inspiration Technical Sheet - L

Inspiration Glass Door Blueprint
Inspiration Solid Door Blueprint

Warranty - 5 year 

The EuroCave products guarantee: Each EuroCave wine cabinet has an individual identification number which enables tracing of its origin and authenticity. EuroCave will only warranty cabinets sold by authorized dealers: Warranty for all EuroCave cabinets offered directly by EuroCave: -2 year parts and labor, 5 years on the compressor, 10 years rust proofing Warranty for Revelation Series ONLY - 5 years parts and labor, 10 years rust proofing/corrosion

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