ONAM CW-30W Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

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Built in to Cellar/Ducted Unit. The CW-30W wine cellar cooling systems can be easily concealed within your wine racking

Air return grill is required in the wine cellar near the floor and a supply air grill required near the top. This cooling unit can also be hidden in void racking corners.

The CW-30W can easily be concealed with custom millwork added to conceal the unit providing that return & supply air grill are included. A remote electronic thermostat with digital display is included with the unit.

Cooling unit measures 12" D x 17" W x 40.25" H and covers Maximum Cubic Footage: 2000 cubic feet.




Three ¼” MPT x 3/8” compression elbow fitting adapters are supplied with the unit for ease of installation (use Teflon tape or paste prior to connecting these or any other fittings to unit).

Although the cooling units are rated for various size rooms, the thermal load may require a larger sized cooling unit.  Thermal load may be affected by glass in the cellar, room positioning or other factors.  Please let a Rosehill Wine Cellar rep make some suggestions for you if needed. 

Additional Information


ONAM wine cellar cooling systems are self contained and easy to install. 

ONAM offers three different models, depending on the exact location of the unit. CW30M is located outside of the wine cellar and the CW30 and CW30W are located inside the cellar. Each of the different cooling units are ultra quiet, free from vibration free and easy to hide. The main benefit of the ONAM cooling units are that they do not exhaust heat into the air but instead heat generated in the cooling process is transferred to water that is then run into the drain. Reliable cooling units for cellars up to 2000 cubic feet.

ONAM Water Cooled Wine Cooling Systems Feature:

These units are designed for residential and commercial applications and easily installed. Requires only a dedicated 110V power supply, a water supply and a drain. The water consumption required when cooling (with a supply of 60F water) is approximately ¼ gallon (1 L) a minute. All ONAM products are designed with the best available components and with the following standard features:

  • Powerful: Designed for cellars up to 2000 cubic feet.
  • Refrigerant fittings easy accessing for servicing.
  • Fan: Maintenance free, squirrel cage fan. (ONAM CW-30M & ONAM CW-30W)
  • Evaporator: industrial tube with special dip-coated to resist pitting.
  • Stainless steel thermal expansion valve Automatically regulating the refrigerant, while optimizing humidity. 
  • Embossed aluminum casing; double walled construction.
  • Insulation for quiet and efficient operation.
  • Condensate pump included.
  • Pressure activated water valve: water flow is automatically regulated for water conservation.
  • Condenser is Cupro-nickel coaxial, designed to resist failure from a chlorinated water supply.
  • Removable panel -  for easy service.
  • Hermetic (vibration isolating) compressor.
  • High & low pressure safety valve turns off unit if pressure exceeds limits.
  • Safety high temperature controller switches the unit off if the compressor begins to operate at higher than normal temperatures.
  • 6' plug in power cord; not hard wired
  • R134a - refrigerant.
  • Remote electronic thermostatic control for accurate temperature control. Also Equipped with OFF/ON switch (seems obvious, but other manufacturers do not provide this basic control).
  • Water line kit included - To assist with plumbing installation, the ONAM water-line kit includes three 4' stainless steel flexible pipes (3/8"comp. x 3/8"comp.).  High Temperature water inlet option also included for environments where inlet temperature may be as high as 95°F. 


  • All units will be shipped with evaporator coils having the new Electrofin coating – a seven step process involving dipping each coil into five different baths, rinsing and having the coating baked on.  We are sure this will only add to the durability of this component.
  • All units will be shipped with Little Giant’s “Next Generation” VCMX Condensate pumps, offering more robustness and a higher head capability.  All pumps will be equipped with a safety switch - should the pump reservoir fill up beyond a certain point, the unit will shut off.  This feature should eliminate the chances of leaks due to condensate pump failures.

ONAM Water Cooled wine cellar cooling systems are available for shipping within the United States of America (USA) and Canada.  ONAM Wine Cellar Refrigeration systems – produced in Surrey, British Columbia, V4A 1E4, CAN. As Surrey is a suburb of Vancouver, BC – our wine loving customers in Western Canada have immediate access to this quality producer with wide distribution throughout North America.




Please Note: 

While our equipment has not changed in shape or size, we have decided to revise our shop drawings to include required clearances, as well as perspective views that can help potential customers better visualize the equipment. 

CW-30M Features

CW-30W Features

System Configuration Diagrams:


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Installation Instructions:


The ONAM water-cooled system is warranted free of manufacturing defects, both as to workmanship and materials for the period of two years from purchase date. Field labor is not included.



If your ONAM unit is giving you some problems, please try these trouble shooting tips: 

1. Press the reset buttons on the front of the cooling unit. There is a little cut-out on the metal housing and one switch goes sideways and the other goes up and down. If this was the issue, the unit turns on right away. 

2. Next thing to check is the batteries in the thermostat. There is a small screw to loosen on the bottom of the thermostat, and then it slides up and off. Two double A batteries could need replacing.