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The W Series Wall shelf provides the ability to store bottles upright and up on display. It is also perfect for decanters, wine glasses, or liquor bottles to add a unique design element to your wine wall. The W Series Shelf sits nicely above or below a column of W Series Wine Racks. The rack itself comes in two sizes, either double depth (4 1/8” x 13” x 8 3/8) or triple depth (4 1/8” x 13” x 12”). The shelves are also available in both black and platinum (brushed nickel) and can hold up to 25lbs in weight.

  • W Series Shelf, 8-1/2" depth matte black finish *Stores up to 25lbs.
  • W Series Shelf, 8-1/2" depth brushed nickel finish *Stores up to 25lbs.
  • W Series Shelf, 12" depth matte black finish *Stores up to 25lbs.
  • W Series Shelf, 12" depth brushed nickel finish *Stores up to 25lbs.

Two Deep Spec Sheet
Three Deep Spec Sheet

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WS1x / WS2x / WS3x / WS4x Installation Instructions - Page 1
WS1x / WS2x / WS3x / WS4x Installation Instructions - Page 2

1ft High (12")

WS11 Spec Sheet

WS12 Spec Sheet

WS13 Spec Sheet


2ft High (24")

WS21 Spec Sheet

WS22 Spec Sheet

WS23 Spec Sheet


3ft High (36")

WS31 Spec Sheet

WS32 Spec Sheet

WS33 Spec Sheet

WS3X Hole Location


4ft Hight (48" ) 

WS41 Spec Sheet

WS42 Spec Sheet

WS43 Spec Sheet

WS4X Hole Location


Other Racks

WSBIG1 Spec Sheet
WS-BIG1 Installation Instructions - Page 1
WS-BIG1 Installation Instructions - Page 2


MAG1 Spec Sheet
MAG2 Spec Sheet
MAG1 / MAG2 Installation Instructions - Page 1
MAG1 / MAG2 Installation Instructions - Page 2

WS PR Spec Sheet
WS-PR Installation Instructions - Page 1
WS-PR Installation Instructions - Page 2

Guideline for Interlace Neck Mounting

VintageView Wine Racks - Multiple Angle View

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