WhisperKOOL Self-Contained Slimline LS

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Whisperkool Slimline LS wine cellar cooling systems off a wine cellar cooling capacity of up to 650 cu. ft.

SLIMLINE - WhisperKOOL’s quietest wine cellar cooling unit!

WhisperKOOL recognizes that many times, the area above the door is not used for wine storage or cooling unit installation - this cooling unit is designed to fit in that space.  Airflow comes out of Sides, Top and bottom. Airflow can be customized based on application.

Unit comes with mounting brackets for easy installation and support.

WhisperKool Slimline LS - 

21.5”D x 22.16”W x 10.33”H

81 lbs

Up to 650 cubic feet. 
Installed above a door.  
30° F temperature differential
medium or low fan speed setting.  
Bottle probe for measuring liquid temperature. 
Digital Display on the warm side, so you know the temperature of the cellar without going inside.   
UV light upgrade - sterilizes the unit from potential mould build up.  
1/2" drain line on the cellar side.  
Power cord on the cellar side. 
Fan system that optimizes system performance, 10 dB quieter than other units
Interchangeable Decorative Panel, create your own unique look above doorway of cellar
Duramax coils, maximize performance and provides longevity from formic acid and leaks over time

Dec 2020 - There is a UV light available with this system, please inquire.   Currently it is $250 US.  We've chosen not to add as an active option at this point, as the overall light system needs to be replaced annually.   We don't feel as though this is a feasible nor necessary solution to offer to our customers.  

Although the cooling units are rated for various size rooms, the thermal load may require a larger sized cooling unit. Thermal load may be affected by glass in the cellar, room positioning or other factors.  Please let a Rosehill Wine Cellar rep make some suggestions for you if needed. 


WhisperKOOL Slimline

SLIMLINE - WhisperKOOL's quietest self contained unit available designed for interior venting.

Developed to fit into the often unused space between the cellar door and ceiling, giving the collector maximum storage capacity. Many times collectors require more storage space and with the area above the door often not used for wine storage it is ideal for a cooling unit installation.

The trick here is to come up with a cooling unit that is shorter and quiet. TA DA! WhisperKOOL has done both! The Slimline is whisper quiet at only 53 decibels on the exhaust side, making it perfect for too many applications to list. The unit must be installed in an interior room.

The Slimline has WhisperKOOL's Platinum Series electronic controller.  This "Advanced System Protection" controller allows for many features including a series of monitoring probes for superior performance.

Also the Slimline models uses a lot less power than most standard wine cellar cooling units. Keep in mind the Slimline has a 30 degree delta (which means it can cool to 55 degrees in 85 degree exhaust environments).

Key Features:

  • Quiet and efficient operation - 53 decibels condenser
  • Advanced electronic control system
  • Liquid bottle probe
  • Humidity control
  • Energy saving mode
  • Can be mounted above the door
  • 30°F temperature differential


Additional Shipping charges may be charged for accessory items ordered on their own without the cooling unit. 

For CAD customers - Shipping Charges for importation, brokerage, duties are extra. Local delivery included.

All Slimline and Cabinets WhisperKOOL Cellar cooling units are available for shipping within the USA and Canada.  WhisperKOOL wine cellar cooling units are American made units produced in Stockton, CA, California, United States, 95205, USA. 

If you would like wine racking as well, we will be happy to customize a design and obtain a shipping quote for your entire order. CLICK HERE to go to our wine racks pages.


WhisperKool Slimline LS - Owner's Manual

WhisperKool Slimline LS - Fact Sheet

Warranty: 2 year parts and labor, 5 years on the compressor. Warranty offered by the manufacturer is for North America Only.

2 year parts and labor, 5 years on the compressor. Warranty offered by the manufacturer is for North America Only.

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