WhisperKOOL SC PRO 4000 Cooling Unit

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WK-SC PRO 4000
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The SC PRO Series embodies the latest and greatest system design technologies in an all-new housing design. Developed upon feedback directly from customers and installers, the unit incorporates a variety of high-end components at an affordable price point. By combining powerful airflow with quiet operation technology, the SC PRO 4000 is unrivaled when it comes to efficiently cooling small to mid-sized wine cellars.

What separates the original SC Series from the SC PRO Series? The SC PRO 4000 comes complete with a new, blower fan system that optimizes performance while operating at a significantly lower noise level. It also reintroduces a condensate management system, which effectively evaporates up to 3oz. of water an hour. This management system renders the drain line as an additional safeguard rather than a definite need.

Dimensions: 14.25" W x 15.75" H x 17.5" D
AMPS (starting / running): 32 / 4.9
Weight (lbs): 67

Although the cooling units are rated for various size rooms, the thermal load may require a larger sized cooling unit.  Thermal load may be affected by glass in the cellar, room positioning or other factors.  Please let a Rosehill Wine Cellar rep make some suggestions for you if needed. 

***** Additional Information *****



WhisperKOOL SC PRO Series

The SC (Self Contained)  PRO series will be replacing the i series, which replaced XLT product line.

The PRO series features a better blower to allow for more advance air flow and a is quieter than it's predecessors.  The PRO series also offers more even distribution of air flow and enhanced condensate management to more effectively evaporate any excess humidity. The PRO series is using a centrifugal blower versus previous system used axial fans.  

Specifications for the SC (Superior Control - Self Contained)  - wine cellar cooling units:

  • Through-the-Wall Installation
  • UL and ETL listed
  • Includes Advanced Digital Control Panel
  • 30°F temperature differential (exhaust environment should not exceed 85°F)
  • Outside Venting: Only if exhaust environment does not exceed 85°F
  • Ducting Options: Using optional Ducting Kit, ONLY exhaust side can be ducted
  • Standard electrical plug in on either the cellar side or warm side
  • Fan system for the PRO optimizes system performance, 10 dB quieter than the i series
  • Condensate management system, evaporates up to 3 OZ of water an hour, renders drain line as additional safeguard

WhisperKOOL Wine Cellar Cooling Systems Feature:

A new generation of wine cellar cooling units... Engineered for superior performance:

  • WhisperKOOL wine cellar cooling systems achieve the optimum conditions for a wine cellar by cooling the cellar slowly. As the temperature in the cellar begins to drop, the relative humidity will rise, creating the ideal environment for aging wine.
  • WhisperKOOL wine cellar cooling systems incorporate an efficient environmental stabilization system in a compact, easy-to-install, self-contained unit. It is built in a variety of sizes for wine cellars, ranging from 300 to 2000 cubic feet.

Ease of Installation

WhisperKOOL SC wine cellar cooling systems have been purposely engineered with the goal to slide in between standard residential wall stud spacing. This requires a minimum of modification to existing wall structures, and is very easy to place the unit where you want it during new construction of a cellar. The SC units have a rear flange to directly mount the cooling unit in the wall. The flange allows the unit to be mounted directly in the wall and eliminate the need to build a support shelf.

Standard electrical plug in on either the cellar side or warm side

The cooling unit's top angled air flow, allows for better cold air distribution within the cellar. This also allows for more flexibility in positioning the cooling unit within the cellar.



Condensate evaporator system

WhisperKOOL designed their wine cellar cooling systems to collect and dissipate any excessive condensation which may accumulate during the cooling process. First a heating element can burn off the collected condensate and evaporates it through exhaust ports on the rear of the unit. Secondly, all WhisperKOOL's units come with a drain line necessary for the removal of any additional condensate. This drain line is an essential back up system for the Condensate Evaporator, and is strongly recommended. If the unit is installed in a high humidity area, WhisperKOOL suggest that its employment is mandatory.



During normal operations of the SC cooling the wine cellar, heat is exhausted into the adjacent room. This heat must dissipate away from the cooling unit in order for the unit to continue to function properly. The exhaust must not vent into a closet or a room too small to ventilate the heat. Proper ventilation on the exhaust side of the WhisperKOOL system cannot be overstated.

Exhaust or REAR Ducting is available on the SC Units.

The WhisperKOOL SC wine cellar cooling system is designed to cool 30°F delta cooler than the ambient temperature of the room/space the unit is exhausting to. If the temperature rises above 85°F then the unit will lose its ability to cool to 55°F in the cellar. Choosing a larger capacity unit to compensate for a poor insulation or greater  temperature differential will be ineffective.  It is important to choose the right size cooling unit for your cellar. 

If your conditions are more "extreme" you may require an Extreme Cooling unit and if you are unable to use a wall mounted system please look at the Split System. Both of these series are designed for up to 55 degree temperature differential.


Like most wine cellar cooling units, these units are designed to be positioned high on the wall in the wine cellar. Think warm air rises; cold air falls. 


Selecting the proper size WhisperKOOL wine cellar cooling unit is based on the overall cubic foot size of the cellar. This is determined by multiplying the length X width X height of the room. However, there may be circumstances in which a cellar design may require a larger unit due to some design limitations. In such cases we recommend purchasing the next size larger unit to compensate for these limitation. Selecting a larger unit to compensate for a poor insulation will be ineffective.Our staff can help you in making the correct decision.

In a properly constructed wine cellar, the WhisperKOOL wine cellar cooling system is designed to cool your wine collection between 50°F to 70°F.

WhisperKOOL Liquid-Measuring Thermostat

This system incorporates a probe designed to measure the liquid temperature in a wine bottle rather than the air temperature of the cellar. This is a benefit as wine is maintained at a precise, measured temperature.  Air temperature changes more rapidly than liquid temperature when cellar door is opened.  By having the cooling unit calibrated to wine temperature the cooling unit will operate less and extend it's life. 



Years of research and testing have gone into designing this completely new technology. Offering microprocessor controlled digital technology and pinpoint accuracy. This unit offers some distinct features and benefits:

  • Self-calibrating probe- contains a microchip, which communicates back and forth to the thermostat, resulting in greater accuracy.
  • Automatic defrost cycle- prevents frost buildup
  • Heavy duty circuitry: to resist power surges
  • LED/Digital Readout in F
  • Alarm system
  • Coded system to assist with trouble shooting


Additional Shipping charges may be charged for accessory items ordered on their own without the cooling unit. 

For CAD customers - Shipping Charges for importation, brokerage, duties are extra. Local delivery included.


All WhisperKOOL Cellar cooling units are available for shipping within the USA and Canada.  WhisperKOOL wine cellar cooling units are American made units produced in Stockton, CA, California, United States, 95205, USA.  They are available for full delivery throughout the USA and Canada. 

If you would like wine racking as well, we will be happy to customize a design and obtain a shipping quote for your entire order. CLICK HERE to go to our wine racks pages.


***** Warranty *****

Whisperkool SC PRO Feature Sheet
WhisperKool WC-SC PRO Owner’s Manual

Warranty: 2 year parts and labor, 5 years on the compressor. Warranty offered by the manufacturer is for North America Only.

Rear Ducting Example for the SC Pro Wine Cooling units.  

8” in-line fan compatible with SC PRO 2000/3000/4000 models
10” in-line fan with transitions to 8” compatible with SC PRO 8000 model

WhisperKOOL SC PRO Series ducting example

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