Artevino by EuroCave

Wine cabinets made exclusively in France,
designed to store your wines at home,
and at the right temperature.

2 personalities, all style

For those who want to age and enjoy their wine.

Which ArteVino
is right for you?


Wine cabinets with a huge choice of sizes, doors, finishes and features, whether you want to age your wines, keep them at tasting temperature, or both.


Whether built-in under your counter or freestanding elsewhere in your home, the Cosy wine cabinet will be an asset to any space, with no compromises on wine storage conditions.

Best Application

Ageing, service, multi-purpose, multi-temp.

Ageing or service.

Bottle Capacity

From 162 to 206 bottles.

Up to 56 bottles

Ideal Room

Living room, kitchen, garage, pantry.

Living room or kitchen.


Low noise level (37 db)
Huge choice of functionalities

Built-in option
Bottle lighting
Humidity level display


2-year warranty

2-year warranty

Adjustability and ergonomics


The beech shelves can be installed to slide in and out, for basic storage or to showcase the bottles. Simply adjust the wooden dowels to tailor your cabinet to your needs. Simply clever!

ArteVino shelves can also hold all bottle sizes from Bordeaux to Burgundy, including Alsace.