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WG DS050
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DS050 - 1/2 Ton Wine Guardian Ducted Split System

Designed for Wine Cellars from: 800 - 2000 cu.ft.

BTU/H: 3400-6400 BTU/H (depending on condenser air inlet) 

Electrical Requirements: 115v / 1ph / 60 Hz

Condensing unit operating capacities from 40°F/4°C for both the 1/4 ton and 1/2 ton.

Xtreme low ambient available as an option allowing the system to work as low as -20°F


  • Evaporator: 16 3/4" L x 22"w x 14 1/4"h
  • Condensing Unit: 34"L x 12"W x 26"H

Please contact us for assistance in calculating your ductwork requirements.

Although the cooling units are rated for various size rooms, the thermal load may require a larger sized cooling unit.  Thermal load may be affected by glass in the cellar, room positioning or other factors.  Please let a Rosehill Wine Cellar rep make some suggestions for you if needed. 

***** Additional Information *****

October 2021 - Currently Sentinel Series is available on just the ¼ Ton Units – eventually the Sentinel will be available on other units. 

“Wine Guardian’s Sentinel Series units are the strongest and most energy-efficient wine cellar cooling systems on the market. They provide optimal temperature and humidity control with a design that allows for easy installation and service. Some key features on the new Sentinel series units include:

  1. Efficient & Insulated  : The Sentinel Series body features up to three times more insulation than previous versions.   The stronger, double walled duct collars have also been redesigned with more insulation; this will help maintain cellar temperature and reduce condensation.   
  2. Comprehensive Read Outs:  Up to 3 optional remote sensors to provide extended range of temperature and humidity control.    2 remote interface controllers to monitor and control cellar from whatever room you are in.
  3. Stronger Shell: The casing for the Sentinel Series is five times stronger than the previous, features an all-aluminum chassis, and contains coated coils to ensure product durability.
  4. Accessible for Service: The multi-panel design, allows for ease of access for servicing. 


The separate evaporator and condensing system for the Wine Guardian Split system cellar cooler allows for very quiet operation and a wine cellar climatized environment that is virtually vibration free. Wine Guardian offers superior air distribution and climate control. Like all Wine Guardian systems, the Split is designed with easy access to all components for any servicing needs.

The Ductable Split systems are available in a 1/4 Ton, 1/2 Ton, 1 Ton and 2 Ton sizes (DS025, DS050, SS088, SS200) designed for wine cellars ranging in size from 400 to 8500 cubic feet.

The ducted split operates in ambient environment of 0° to 122° F (-18°C to 50°C) (see Xtreme Low Ambient option to enhance performance to go down to extreme of -20°F (-29°C) );

The new DS units currently for the 1/4 ton and 1/2 ton - have easy grip handles for easy of movement.  The cooling units also have flexibility of installation of the condensor for it to be installed on wall, balcony, shelf or a concrete pad.  The temperature range at which the cooling unit can be set is between 42F to 64 F , allowing for greater range of serving temperatures, should you prefer a "serving" cellar.  

Wine Guardian Split System Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Includes:

  • Condensing Unit & Evaporator (fan coil)
  • Removable multi-panel design - provides easy service access
  • (5) supply air openings - for installation flexibility
  • One Return and One Supply Duct Collar are included for the evaporator side.
  • High Static Fans for ductwork (of extended lengths - 25' to 50' depending on system)
  • Humidity & temperature control in one device with alarm system
  • ETL certified for UL and CSA standards
  • Suitable for outdoor applications
  • Made in the USA

Options include:

extra remote sensors at the time of ordering your Wine Guardian ducted cooling unit.



Wine Guardian Split System

Wine Guardian Split System

Wine Guardian Split System

All our Wine Guardian products are shipping directly from Wine Guardian so you are guaranteed the most up to date technology available.

Wine Guardian Air Innovation Ducted wine cellar cooling units, are American made. Produced and shipped from North Syracuse, NY, New York, United States of America, 13212 or from the New Jersey office Franklin Lane, NJ, 07417 USA. Wine Guardian Wine Cellar Cooling Units are available for shipping within the USA, Canada and internationally


***** Warranty *****

Wine Guardian Split System Owner's Manual (OLD MODEL #'s listed)

Standard Wine Guardian Warranty Information
Wine Guardian Extended Warranty Information

Wine Guardian Split System DS025 and WGS40 Guide
Wine Guardian Split System Quick Start Guide

Wine Guardian Split System Data Sheet
Wine Guardian Split System Specifications

Wine Guardian Split System Installation, Operation and Maintenance Guide

Use our Wine Guardian cooling unit calculator to determine the right Wine Guardian for your application.

Wine Guardian Warranty GENERAL Wine Guardian warrants, to the original buyer, its goods and all parts thereof to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of invoicing assuming NORMAL USE AND SERVICE. LIABILITY Wine Guardian liability shall be limited to the repair or replacement (at its option) of any part, which, at our sole discretion, is determined to be defective. The purchaser shall pay all transportation costs. Additionally, if a malfunction occurs within the first year from the date of invoice, Wine Guardian will reimburse the reasonable cost of labor required for the repair or replacement provided authorization is obtained from one of our authorized representatives prior to incurring any labor charges. LIMITATIONS OF LIABILITY THESE WARRANTIES ARE MADE IN LIEU OFF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND IN LIEU OF ANY OTHER OBLIGATION OR LIABILITY, INCLUDING LIABILITY FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSQUENTIAL DAMAGES. Wine Guardian will not be responsible for any costs or liabilities whatsoever resulting from improper installation or service of its equipment. In the event that Wine Guardian or its distributors are found liable for damage based on any defect or nonconformity in the products, their total liability for each defective product shall not exceed the purchase price of such defective products. No person or representative is authorized to change these warranties or assume any other obligations or liabilities for Wine Guardian in connection with the sale of its systems.

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