Millesime Wine Racks

The Display 29 Wide

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The Display wood and metal Wine Rack is a classic example of the Millesime series with single deep racks and double presentation rows.

29 x 86 ¼ to 90” tall 


***** Additional Information *****

The Millesime line of wine racks are completely bespoke and designed to fit ANY wall space. We've shown layouts of the most popular models with pricing to get a general idea of the line. Pricing will fluctuate based off materials used and customized to standard designs.

There is a lot of flexibility in the layout for this system.  Rods can be configured so you have 1, 2, or 3 bottle deep of label forward racking.  Presentation displays with bottles at an angle are mixed within the sections.

Walnut box displays can be used for bulk storage or table top to display special bottles or collectables.  Walnut left natural or a clear coat varnish is the main wood species used - Other wood species are available as an alternative, please specify what is needed.  Also different stain choices are available.  

The rods are made of Clear Anodized Aluminum, black is also available by special request. 

These racks need to be fastened to the floor and either to the wall or ceiling.

Telescopic poles allow the height to be adjusted on site within a certain range.

This system can be expanded in both height and width to accommodate most any space.

Contemporary wine racks with a modern flair, combining wood and metal.

Depth of the Millesime rack from wood edge to wood edge: 

1 deep: 3.5''
2 deep: 7.5'' (that also includes the depth of the display boxes)
3 deep: 11.5'' (that also includes the depth of the angle display rows, the u-shelves, and the countertops)


Millesime Wine Racks acting as a room partition

Millesime Wine Rack installed adjacent to stone wall

Millesime Racking within glass wine cellar

Back lit – Millesime & wood wine racks

Millesime Wine Racks to display bottle labels

Modern White Glass Wine Cellar with acrylic wine racks

KoolR Magnum wine cellar cooling and Millesime wine racks

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Product overview

Overview - the various options available for the millesime racking.

Sample Millesime Wine Rack Layout A
Sample Millesime Wine Rack Layout B

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