Wine Lockers

Wine Lockers

Locker system for your wine allowing ample air circulation within a individually locked environment.

Daisy chain installation allows you to add onto the combo at any time.

Starting at 48 bottle capacity and up these lockers hold up to 16 standard 750ml wine bottles per bin.

These lockers are freestanding but can also be fastened to the wall.

Great for condo’s or shared living environments. Also ideal for wine clubs, private cellars, golf clubs, restaurants and really anywhere wine lovers & collectors gather.

Looking for a functional bulk wine storage option for your private collection, club house, restaurant or wine club? Then look no further with the Vintage View Locker system. Designed to hold both standard and magnum sized bottles, the Vintage View lockers can be integrated into multiple configurations based on you or your needs.

From 48” to 96” in height, the Vintage View lockers offer a wide variety of bottle storage and multiple units can be placed side by side. Using a strong metal, open rack system, the lockers provide great airflow around your bottles when placed within a climate-controlled environment.  Each individual square is lockable; so the wine is secure if placing the lockers in an open area where security is important or you have private collectors each "owning" their wine storage square within the larger climate controlled space.   

Each individual wine locker square is: 12.5” H x 13” W and holds up to 16 standard 750ml bottles.