XL - Large Peg System

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Chunkier Metal Pegs

Above pricing is for 2 pegs

1” by 9” pegs with rubber rings.

These are wider pegs so one peg can support bottles on either side. At least 2 pegs are required to hold one bottle, by adding singular pegs you can add additional bottles.

Brushed Aluminum with rubber rings. 


Customer to supply own custom panel for mounting.  Access to back of panel required prior to mounting  

The XL wine peg is installed in your 1/2" thick custom panel.  The bored holes are 5/16" diameter.  

Minimum Horizontal and Vertical spaces are required between the wine saddles is 3.25"wide and 4" high to allow space for wine bottles.   Once the XL Pegs are secured onto the panel then the panel gets mounted on the wall. 



***** Shipping Information *****

Shipping costs will vary depending on size of order and size of the back panels.


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