Zalto Mystique Decanter

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ZAL 11 971
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The Zalto Mystique decanter for decanting both red and white wines. This lead free decanter is dishwasher safe.  

7.25"h  8.4"w
Capacity 1.9L or 66.8 ounces

***** Additional Information *****


There are production issues at the Zalto Factory in Europe and various delays due to Covid-19.   Our Zalto supply is essentially depleted until the next shipment arrives late summer.  We are still accepting orders and will charge your credit card once the items become available.  Please note, ALL vendors are in the same boat and unless they physically have the product left in their inventory, we will be receiving new shipments continuously but don't expect to be caught up by later in 2023.  

March 2022 - update   At the onset of the pandemic the factory was shut down for several weeks due to lockdowns.   Zalto set aside a sizeable inventory and at the same time decided to update some of their equipment once the plant was re-opened, at limited capacity.  As you may know, manufacturing glass products requires high temperature furnaces that require rebuilding every few years due to the extreme temperature conditions.

So when production restarted, one furnace was out of operation for longer than expected. While Zalto had set aside an ample inventory of product, the 2020 & 2021 demand for Zalto products began to increase rapidly. This combination of increased demand and reduced supply created a situation where the reserve stock was rapidly depleted.   The factory is now back in full production but the warehouse contains no stock and they are fulfilling backorders as quick as possible.   Like the rest of the world, Canada has large backorders with the Zalto factory and your glasses will likely not be available immediately. 

Unfortunately this is not a unique situation right now for many industries as supply chains were severely disrupted by Covid-19. If you are familiar with Zalto, you know they are worth the wait.  Please note, pricing may change but we will provide you with the opportunity to review and approve your order should the pricing change.  They are a beautiful drinking vessel, a feast for all your senses.   

Please place your order online and you will be placed in the priority queue, your credit card will not be charged until the glasses are available.   The glasses have already undergone a price increase however, when fulfilling your order, we will inform you of any price increases and seek your approval if you want to continue.       





The warranty period for goods delivered by the supplier is 12 months.

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