W Series Wine Rack Frame 2-inch Standoff Bracket (floor-to-ceiling wine rack component)

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Borrow the hyper cool look of the W Series Wine Rack Frame, even when mounting to a ceiling or floor isn’t available. The Standoff Wall Bracket attaches any W Series Frame to a wall with 2 inches of clearance.

The W Series Standoff Wall Bracket anchors any W Series Frame to a wall — top, bottom, or both — when typical floor or ceiling mounting isn't available.

This versatile hardware piece allows for floor-to-wall, wall-to-floor, or all-to-wall installs with 2 inches of clearance between the wine racks and the wall.

Additional Information

W Series Frame System
The W Series Frame System brings the patented W Series wine rack off the wall to create stunning floating wine displays. Perfect as room dividers, against glass, or in front of tile or stone work where drilling may be difficult.
  1. In The Box

    Comes with two (2) Standoff Brackets, BILT 3D installation instructions, and all hardware needed to assemble to Frame.

  2. Floor To...

    The innovative accessory opens up the possibilities for floor-to-wall, ceiling, and even wall-to-wall installations.

  3. Sleek Finish

    Built with high-quality steel, backed by a lifetime warranty, and offered with choice of matte black, brushed nickel, chrome luxe, golden bronze luxe, or gunmetal luxe finishes.

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