Port and Dessert Wine Glasses

Serve a delectable finish to an amazing dinner party with our port and dessert wine glass collections. Save your sweetest wines for after dessert and use our port and dessert wine glasses to enhance the aromas and flavours of your sweet spirit.

  • Port and Dessert Wine Glasses

    Zalto Digestif Wine Glass

    Designed for elegant distillates or liqueurs, this glass harmoniously blends the aromatic experience with fruit and flavour. Recommended for fruit distillates, Grappa, Tequila, Bitters and Sherry Hand made, mouth blown, non-lead Digestif wine glass good for...
  • Port and Dessert Wine Glasses

    Riedel Sommeliers Vintage Port

      Vintage Port is characterized by its intense red color, which will shine in this mouth blown crystal glass. Unlike lower-quality aperitif stems, this glass has a specific rim angle to keep sweetness from overpowering the...
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  • Port and Dessert Wine Glasses

    Ice Wine - Digestif Glasses

    Ice Wine/Digestif GlassesPrice indicated is for a set of four glasses.The Vino Grande range by Spiegelau is a world-class benchmark of fine stemware.7 3/4" high - 4oz  
  • Port and Dessert Wine Glasses

    Riedel Vinum Sauvignon Blanc / Dessert

    Vinum is RIEDEL's basic varietal specific stemmed series. Designed in 1986 by 10th generation glassmaker Georg J. Riedel, Vinum was created to ensure every wine lover could afford varietal-specific glassware.  Volume 356.0 ccmHeight 214.0 mmType...