Zalto Digestif

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ZAL 11701

Designed for elegant distillates or liqueurs, this glass harmoniously blends the aromatic experience with fruit and flavour.

Hand made, mouth blown, non-lead Digestif wine glass good for after dinner drinks higher in alcohol. Recommended for fruit distillates, Grappa, Tequila, Bitters, and Sherry

The Denk Art series combines long-standing tradition, craftsmanship driven to the extreme with perfect, well-proportioned aesthetics, form and unmatched functionality. Nothing is accidental here, but rather the result of fine-tuning the perfect proportions as well as the optimal shapes in countless tastings of prototypes by Hans Denk, the father of this unique glass series.

Specs - 140 ml volume and 210 mm height 

Additional Information

Zalto Stemware is praised worldwide. These wine glasses originate from a boutique factory in Austria, and are recognized all across Europe by the wine industry. Additionally, Zalto glasses are praised by many critics such as Robert Parker, as well as journals like the L.A Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Bon Appétit.

Please note that Zalto glasses are dishwasher safe. 


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