Annual Maintenance Plan




Our licensed technicians specialize in Wine Cellars and Wine Cooling Units. By enrolling into our Annual Maintenance Plan, you can avoid costly repairs and ensure your wine is always safe and secure.

We provide a comprehensive maintenance program for all wine cellar cooling units and our licensed service
technicians specialize specifically in wine cellar HVAC. When you join our Annual Maintenance Plan, you'll shield
yourself from potentially costly major repairs that can easily be avoided through routine system care.

Our Annual Maintenance Plans provide you expert technicians who can conduct thorough maintenance during the winter or spring, guaranteeing peak efficiency and hassle-free operation throughout the summer season.

Benefits of Our Annual Service Plan


  • Reduce cost of repairs

    Maintaining your cooling unit is less costly than repairing or replacing due
    to system failure.

  • Maximize system efficiency

    A well-maintained system is more energy efficient and less likely to have mold and mildew buildup.

  • Avoid premature failure

    Combat premature failure of the system due to energy
    inefficiency by dust and other

  • Protect your investment

    Keep your peace
    of mind knowing
    that your cooling system will run
    efficiently and
    protect your wine


    when you sign up with one of the
    three plans


Rosehill Wine Cellars annual maintenance plan is designed to extend the life of your wine cooling systems and provide you with a sense of ease and security. If you've invested in proper wine storage, you've already investment a lot of time and money for your wine collection. Avoid the financial and emotional cost caused by a malfunctioning cooling unit.

Wine cellar maintenance is important, but why buy a maintenance plan? By choosing an annual service plan, we will call you to schedule necessary service checkups. We remind you of upcoming service dates and keep track of your last appointment for you.

Not only is this more convenient, but it also saves you money. Our maintenance plans save you hundreds in service fees as a single maintenance visit could cost upwards of $400. Plus, they prevent you from spending thousands of dollars on restoration costs replacing a broken cooling unit. Preventative maintenance costs often pale in comparison to the price of major repairs or replacement.


Self Contained Systems

The self-contained system maintenance schedule consists of a multi-point inspection on the evaporator and condenser components.
This maintenance must be done by a licensed HVAC technician.

SPLIT Systems

The split system maintenance schedule includes a checklist of services to clean and test various components of the evaporator and condensing units. This maintenance must be done by a licensed HVAC technician.

It’s easy to forget having your wine cellar’s cooling system serviced on a regular basis. Like all critical systems that have mechanical and electrical components, the secret to a trouble-free life is regular

We recommend to all owners of wine cellars and wine collections to implement a structured service schedule where Rosehill Wine Cellars takes responsibility for the proactive scheduling of maintaining your wine cellar.

maintentance packages

  • Check the electrical components and operation range of the environment.
    This includes fans, the motor's components, and unit pressures.

  • We lubricate and check for refrigerant leaks, generally inspecting the system to make sure it is working properly and efficiently.

  • We check for humidity issues and all room seals for leaks that might compromise
    the wine cellars climate. This is particularly important where external components
    are installed.

  • Inspect coil and clean it.

  • Inspect all moving components to make sure they are clean and in order.

  • Check, test and clean the condensate drain line, check evaporator for adequate air flow and check pump down of condensing unit, treatment tablets are added to drain pan and if needed up to one (1) pound of freon.

    If system does not have UV dye, we will add at no additional cost for the first time
    ($30.00 value)