Glassware Cleaning

Cleaning and polishing doesn't have to be another chore if you have the right supplies on hand. Choose from our helpful
supply of glassware cleaning tools and polishes that eliminate residue and dislodge any lingering sediments. Use our efficient
brushes, special rinses, polishing cloths, and drying racks to simplify clean up and create a spotless finish.

  • Glassware Cleaning

    Vino Life Microfibre Crystal Cloth

    To care for your fine crystal and glassware, this amazing Microfibre cloth will clean, dry buff and shine all your fine crystal to a dazzling lint-free, scratch-free finish. Can be applied dry or lightly damp.Each...
  • Glassware Cleaning

    Washing Balls In A Sachet

    To clean carafes, vases or glass jars in an ecological and natural way.The ceramic washing balls are enclosed in a fishnet sachet, which makes it possible to easily insert them into the container to be...
  • Glassware Cleaning

    Riedel Glass Cleaner Balls

    These tiny stainless steel beads remove dirt, residue, sediment, and superficial stains from inside the decanter.Simply fill the vessel with water, add the beads and swirl. When you're finished, carefully empty the contents into a...
  • Glassware Cleaning

    Decanter Cleaner

    Flexible brush made of an absorbent material that reaches the bottom and corners of the decanter. It cleans the impurities or water traces at the bottom. Can be put  in a dishwasher. • Plastic Handle• Flexible...
  • Glassware Cleaning

    Eisch Decanter Cleaning Balls

    Eisch Decanter Cleaning Balls Tiny metallic Wine Decanter Cleaning Balls make it easier to clean your valuable crystal decanters. The small stainless steel pellets are inserted into the decanter with water and swirled around for a few minutes. They...
  • Glassware Cleaning

    On/Off Decanter Holder

    Constructed from metal and plastic. Finished in silver. The ON/OFF Decanter Holder is the first demountable decanter drying rack. Thanks to its flexible tips, it can be assembled (ON position) and disassembled (OFF position) in...
  • Glassware Cleaning

    Stemware and Decanter Rack

    Stemware and Decanter Rack, BM 5703  This incredibly convenient drying rack is easily convertible and can function as a drying rack for both your stemware and your wine decanter. Made from heavy gauge metal with...
  • Glassware Cleaning

    Stainless Steel Decanter Stand

    Stainless steel decanter stand. Removable stem for easy storage. Includes a rubber tipped stand that protects the decanter from damage.  Base helps keep your counter dry by ensuring that water drips don't mark your countertop. ...
  • Glassware Cleaning

    Wine Glass Rack Tree

    Drys stemware. Nickel-plated metal glass holding rack for 12 glasses.Size: 22.5"/57 cm(Tree only – glasses NOT included) 
  • Glassware Cleaning

    Riedel Microfiber Polishing Cloth

    Riedel Microfiber ClothThe Microfiber Polishing Cloth is the perfect lint-free tool for drying and polishing your glassware products.It can be applied dry or lightly damp, cleans thoroughly and scratch-free, removes grease and dries at the...
  • Glassware Cleaning

    Wine & Food Matching Wheel

    Spin wheel to find what food & wines will match. By Robin Garr. Double sided wheel. Picture shows the front and back of the Wine & Food Matching Wheel. Reds on one side, whites on...