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Washing Balls In A Sachet

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To clean carafes, vases or glass jars in an ecological and natural way.

The ceramic washing balls are enclosed in a fishnet sachet, which makes it possible to easily insert them into the container to be cleaned, and to collect and dry them quickly without losing any.

Instructions : 

  • For cleaning: insert the balls into the container. Add a little warm water, with soap if needed. Swirl the carafe so that the balls reach all the internal surfaces and remove any residue.
  • To remove the balls: put the fishnet sachet on the neck of the carafe, then pour the washing balls into the sachet, while holding it firmly.
  • Clean by hand, inside the sachet, with warm water, and dry it.

Ceramic balls (Diam. 0.6cm), sachet in polyester.
Approved for contact with food, do not ingest.

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