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Oeno Motion Tresor

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LDV 95716

Oeno Motion Trésor is a unique gift. At first glance, it is presented in the form of a mysterious wooden box, lacquered in a subtle red. Its fine high-definition laser engravings evoke the modern aesthetics of an antique chest. To the expert eye, the L’Atelier du Vin stamp reveals the mark of a precious oenology case.

Handcrafted in its entirety, revealing a superb satin patina, this intuitive wine tool beckons to be used during a wine ritual. The curved lever, covered in solid walnut, perfectly embraces the ergonomics of the opening mechanism, particularly appreciated by oenologists and sommeliers for more than 15 years. The wood’s grain texture makes each model unique.

Secure and comfortable grip. Fits most of the existing bottle necks. Integrated foil cutter. Alloy, solid walnut and synthetic materials. Design patent.


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