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Bilame Nomad

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LDV 95726

Limited Edition

The Bilame twin blade corkscrew, an historical part of L’Atelier du Vin’s range since 1949 (patent date), extracts and leaves the cork intact, even those which are old and fragile.

The cork is not pierced, and thus does not crumble.

A personal story that takes shape on the exterior leather and surprises with the colorful beauty of the interior. A story of a passion for wine with the Bilame, a professional and historical tool of L’Atelier du Vin since 1949. A story of a journey through time.

THE TRAVELING COMPANION FOR WINE LOVERS To slip into your luggage, to use at home, for others or for yourself, L’Atelier du Vin’s toolkits promise a journey where function meets esthetics. UNIQUE PIECES, HANDMADE SPIRIT The outside of each case is made of unworked fawn leather, a raw color that develops a patina with time and peregrinations. The inside of each case is made of resistant and colored technical leather.
ELEGANTLY SIMPLE, SIMPLY ELEGANT Every wine lover is unique, and every L’Atelier du vin tool kit is unique as well… just like its next owner.
Genuine leather. Handmade in Italy
Registered design.
Open kit: W 27cm x l 16cm
Closed kit: W 9,5cm x l 16cm x H 5cm
Product : W 10cm x l 8cm x H 1cm



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