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Oeno Collection 3 - Sommelier's Gift Box Set

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LDV 95702

This minimal and precious pocket oenological toolbox speaks straight to the collector’s soul, with its beautiful, subtle finishing. Oeno Collection 3 pays tribute to your personal wine cellar, special guests, private tasting tables and art de vivre.

1 Soft Machine® Crystal
1 Cork Opener
1 Pourer-leaf
1 Metal Gard’Bulles Stopper

Engraving on the box. 

L 26,7 cm x l/W 12,5 cm x H 5 cm.

Additional Information

A little box of wonders to collect, handle with care, and engrave with the initials of whoever may keep it. Beneath an elegant wooden lid, coated in matt black, lie 4 wine accessories awaiting their sommelier. 4 instruments to showcase a beautiful bottle of white wine, a rare red, or a vintage champagne. 4 authentic and durable wine tools, combining simplicity of use with the beauty of a collector’s item. 
The Crystal Soft Machine is a wave of light, a sommelier’s corkscrew with a liquid, translucent design, reminiscent of the smooth extraction process. The solid lever provides an ideal tilt angle. The cork is extracted in a single, effortless movement. The pourer-leaf becomes the natural extension of a freshly opened bottle. It enables an airy, flawless service, with no dripping or waste, and a precise, clean-cut flow. Enjoy an aerated, beautifully poured vintage, with no spills.
A curious object for the uninitiated, the champagne cork opener is resistant to pressure and leverages the bottle opener’s strength. With a sleight of hand, the cork is easily removed and the first bubbles are preserved for your flute… As are the last ones! Such a knight’s helmet slipped onto your bottleneck, the Metal Gard’Bulles stopper lets nothing through. Its two wings ensure continuous pressure to guarantee that your bottle is perfectly sealed, preserving the bubbles until tomorrow.


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