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I would highly recommend the Rosehill team.

It is my pleasure to write this recommendation on the outstanding job done by Gary and his team at Rosehill Wine Cellars. They recently installed a temperature-controlled wine cabinet in our main dining room.
From the first visit to finished product, it was smooth sailing. The quality and workmanship are outstanding as is the customer service and client care. Jason did a meticulous and perfect job of the site work preparation and then the finished millwork. He was always on time and left the room neat and clean at the end of the day. His work speaks for itself in the stunning finished product.
Gary was my point of contact for all communications including design, costing and any questions I had before, during and after the install. His approachable manner and prompt and honest responses regarding design, cost and schedule gave me a lot of confidence to pursue such an expensive project. While it took a long time to finish, the delays were behind their control and a common occurrence during the pandemic due to supply and labour issues.
In the end, I am thrilled with the final product. Gary continues to provide his high level of professionalism for questions and issues after the completion as well.

I would highly recommend team Rosehill.



I could not be happier with the Rosehill experience. This is my 5th (and hopefully final!) wine cellar. From the initial design stages to the final delivery, Gary and the team listened, and took care of every little detail, right down to the delivery in Portugal Cove, Newfoundland. I have a unique space, so the cellar was a fully customized design. All my requests were fully accommodated, and several value-added design enhancements were offered and included. The final product is beautiful, and is built to last. Thank you!

Jo Mark

Rosehill Wine Cellars is Highly Recommended

My new wine cellar was completed in early December 2018 and I absolutely love it!

Without any hesitation, I recommend Rosehill Wine Cellars Inc. for turnkey design and installation. Why am I giving such a strong recommendation? Here’s why:

1. Design & Quotation: Gary LaRose showed up on time at our home and quickly set to work looking over the area selected for the cellar. He took careful measurements, then re-measured a couple of dimensions again to ensure he was very accurate. He talked through some options for the cooling equipment and racking, as well as cellar design. He then recommended I drop into Rosehill’s showroom to look at some racking choices, materials and finishes, as well as cooling equipment choices. I had already been to the showroom, just before I decided to add Rosehill to my shortlist, but I went back a couple of times to get ideas and make decisions on various items. Rosehill's west end showroom is well laid out and offers several material choices, colours and racking options, which makes the decision-making a lot easier.

A week later I received very good drawings and a detailed quotation. I had a short list of three contractors for this project and without any question, Rosehill’s drawings and quotation were the most detailed and easiest to understand. They also offered the best use of the space, as my cellar was not that big (7ft x 8ft). After some discussion with all three contractors, I narrowed it down to two and then had detailed discussions with both. After a couple of discussions, it became clear that Gary’s experience and practical approach offered the best value for money and a proven track record with lots of satisfied customers to which he could refer. Rosehill's design was a little more imaginative than the other two contractors, particularly the diamond shelf below the stone counter. Also, I really wanted a glass door and glass window beside the door so I could see into the cellar and have its ambience add to our beautiful basement recreation area. Gary came up with a very nice design to achieve this objective, but do it in a way that did not weaken what was a support wall for our two storey home.

So I made the decision to go with Rosehill, subject to a satisfactory contract. The contract paperwork was simple, easy to understand and the milestone payments set to work stages completed was fair.

2. Room Preparation - What’s really good about Gary is the communication. When he says his team will arrive on site to work on a certain date and time, they show up and don’t waste time getting to work. The first stage (stripping down the room and preparing it for racking) was done very well. I kept the same tile floor (Gary’s suggestion) to save money, and it looks great with the new cellar. Everything else was re-done, including framing, spray foam for insulation and very precise square joints, door and window framing by Rosehill’s very skilled tradesman, Chris. It's important to note that Chris was employed by Rosehill and not an independent contractor. The spray foam people were a contractor, but Chris was there to supervise and ensure this task was done as agreed. What was appreciated by us was that every night Chris was tidy up and put away slip covers so that we could continue to use the rest of our basement living area. Also, Chris very carefully covered all nearby furniture and carpeting with plastic to protect it. Even the tile floor in the cellar was covered over to protect it during construction.

3. Problem Solving - When the room was stripped down, we were surprised to find a solid concrete wall on one side of the cellar room that made placing the equipment room just the other side of the wall not possible. Gary quickly arrived to discuss the problem with Chris and myself. They quickly came up with an amended design for the equipment that involved a ceiling mounted cooling unit instead, but with the compressor still outside. This solution turned out to be very good and works well in the cellar.

4. Final Racking Design - Gary and Chris both separately re-measured the finished room for the racking a couple of times. The attention to detail and precision was impressive and appreciated. As a result, Gary came up with a suggestion to tweak the design to improve the look of the cellar in terms of crown molding and overall balance with the window and door frames. At the same time he ensured that the bottle count for the cellar was maximized. I looked over the amended drawing and could quickly see this final amendment to the racking would look much better, so I gave the green light to do it. This started the racking design, which included walnut wood with a bees wax finish — have a look at this in the Rosehill showroom as it’s stunning.

5. Final Racking Installation - Chris returned six weeks later to start installation of the racking. Accompanying Chris was Rosehill's delivery truck that had all the carefully packaged racking material, including beautiful a beautiful stone counter top I had seen in the Rosehill showroom (“antique leather”). After carefully unloading everything, Chris started to work. His experience and professionalism was evident, as he methodically prepared the installation. Its also important to note that Rosehill has its own carpentry shop next to the showroom that does all the racking and cabinet building and finishing — this ensures that what you get is exactly what was agreed in the drawings. The installation by Chris was done in careful sequence, including getting the two sub-contractors (mechanical cooling equipment and glass window/door) were brought in for measuring and installation at the appropriate times. Again, Chris was always on hand when they were there to ensure that what they did met Rosehill’s requirements and commitments to me.

6. Attention to Detail - There were lots of pleasant surprises when the installation was progressing and completed. Here are a few: (1) Walnut door leading to adjacent cold storage was solid and beautifully crafted. It was fitted perfectly and included a special weather strip built into the bottom of the door that comes down automatically when the door is closed. (2) Chris checked with me on location of ceiling lighting installation, window location and size next to glass door to ensure I was happy with it. (3) Glass window its a double thermal pane for better insulation performance. (4) The walnut wood used for the racking, wooden door to cold storage room, crown and floor molding was well chosen of the highest quality. (5) glass door is solidly hinged to floor and self-closes. (6) crown molding on ceiling, door frames and floor molding is very detailed and installed perfectly. (7) the warranty paperwork for the mechanical cooling equipment was completed and submitted to the manufacturer by Rosehill on my behalf. (8) During the cellar work, for a reasonable extra charge, Gary also did a few add on jobs for us, in addition to the cellar, that were much appreciated: A few odd-shaped kitchen shelves were cut to fit an odd shaped pantry; special door to access water meter and water shut-off valve in basement; some drywall work around the cold storage room furnace ductwork.

7. Anything I didn’t like? - Really there was nothing, mainly because Gary was very upfront about everything (including the timetable), so that my expectations were always met or exceeded. Remember, it does take months not weeks to get a cellar installed properly, so don’t expect it to be wrapped up quickly. Also, it’s done in two stages for very good reason: (a) Completion of the cellar room preparation comes first, then the cellar room is re-measured to ensure the racking, cabinets, door/window frames, crown molding, etc. fit perfectly, it has to be re-measured carefully so everything fits like a glove — and it does. (b) After re-measuring the finished room, then the racking, cabinets etc. was all built in Rosehill’s shop, which took about 6 weeks before they returned for racking installation. Every item in the contract was honoured by Rosehill.

8. Finished Product - We now have a beautiful and very functional 650 bottle wine cellar that we enjoy. Our friends and relatives were very impressed and complimentary when they saw it for the first time over the Christmas holidays. It has added to the value of our house and will give us many years of enjoyment. Our thanks to Gary and his excellent team at Rosehill Wine Cellars.

Brian Barr

Superb product + service!

I've used Rosehill's services twice this year to install two wine racks + shelving in two tight niches opposite of each other. With the use of their premium cru kits and their installer, they customized the final product on site and with complete attention to detail. The finished look was superb! Highly recommend Rosehill for their quality product and customer service.


The Wine Cellar turned out great and the owners are very happy

The Wine Cellar turned out great and the owners are very happy. Your scheduling was accurate and dependable. Your installer Jason was a pleasure to work with. He was punctual, self-sufficient, clean, detailed and left us with a beautiful finished product.
I’m sure we’ll work together again.

Bryan Picard — Richmond Hill

Excellent service

Over the summer, my wife and I purchased a new home. My last two homes had wine cellars. My new one did not. My cellar has decreased from a high of 2,300 bottles to approximately 600 bottles now. I knew I needed some way to store my wine after the move. In doing some searches on-line, I came across your company. I talked to Sheila for the first time in July or so. She told me about lead times, etc. In November I ordered a few 7 foot beech racks for 750 ml, bottles, magnums and half-bottles. My problem was that I did not want the racks before January 4, but I needed them before my wife and I left for FL around January 20. Sheila recognized the problem, found some deficiencies with what I thought I needed and put me on the right path. She felt confident that the racks would arrive timely.

My wife and I took possession of our new home on December 30. Enter Kaleigh. It seems like Covid disrupts everything. The border between Canada and the US became an issue. Covid caused the common carriers to stop projecting when the shipments would arrive. Tracking was not available. Kaleigh called your shipper and did the best to get an estimate for delivery, but the OTR people would have none of it. She was physically present when my pallet was picked up. And she promised me that if she heard anything, she'd let me know. On Wednesday January 6, 2021, I got a call that my racks would be delivered in a few hours. Of course I let Kaileigh know right away. I honestly believe she was as happy as I was.

I own a small business. People are an organization’s best asset. In my firm, culture is everything. It has been said that "culture eats strategy for breakfast." Rosehill has great people and an incredible culture. I think your business is well-represented by employees like Kaileigh and Sheila. They care about your customers and they care about your business. I just wanted you to know how wonderful my experience was with Rosehill Wine Cellars. Kaileigh and Sheila are outstanding ambassadors of your organization.

Barry Chasen

Wine racks

Excellent customer service. Ordered wine racks in the mid afternoon then realized I had miscalculated so I asked to amend my order in late afternoon. The next day at 10am I received my order and it reflected my amendment.

Very satisfied!!

Denis Desjardins

Wonderful Service

I have just replaced two cooler units and was thoroughly impressed with Sheila's expertise and delightful CRM skill set. Very knowledgeable and trustworthy. Nolan and his partner were excellent at a fast and efficient installation. I am completely satisfied and highly recommend this group. 5/5

Ian Bandeen

A big thank you to Gary and Jason and the whole team

A big thank you to Gary and Jason and the whole team at Rosehill for creating this incredible wine cabinet. We have always wanted a real space to keep our wine collection with lots of room to grow our collection. This unit is the perfect size for two!

It was a very pleasant and professional experience from our first email and phone call to the day Jason turned it over the finished unit. Gary worked hard to meet our schedule which didn’t factor in the uncertainty of COVID. He did a great job adapting to the closures and still delivered a perfect unit.

We are very happy with the cabinet and looking forward to filling it up.

Nick & Arlene

It is spectacular! I couldn’t have done it without you!

I just finished my own little wine cellar and display off my kitchen! The picture doesn’t do it justice. It is spectacular! Thank you both for your help and advice. I couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks again.

Marvin White

Second to none

Our experience working with you and the Rosehill team has been second to none.

Top professionals in every aspect of the project...from consultation, to design, to the cleanliness and meticulous manner in which the work was done.

As I have mentioned, Chris was amazing. A true artist who clearly takes personal pride in his work. Have never seen someone take such great care in keeping a clean workspace as well as the careful manner in which he worked. He even built a relationship with our dogs and let them out during the day. What a nice guy.

We are thrilled with the outcome. Thank you so very much.

Lino and Paula Casalino
Greater Toronto Area

Lino and Paula Casalino

Thank you for all your help and suggestions

Thank you for all your help and suggestions to create the final product. We are very pleased how it turned out. It has more bottle capacity than we currently need however that is a good problem to have.


We would highly recommend……

We would highly recommend anyone that is looking to have a wine cellar built to look no further than Rosehill Wine Cellars! Gary, Yuric, Derek and the entire team were amazing to work with! From the first time we met with Gary, through the entire design process and of course having Yuric complete the cellar everyone was awesome to work with and always accommodating with everything. Of course, we were excited about the final design of our cellar and curious on what it would look like when it was completed, but it turned out even more incredible than we could have ever imagined. Gary was right, he was able to give it the “wow” factor and wouldn’t have happened without his guidance, knowledge and expertise. We love it and of course love when we get to show it to our family and friends. A huge thanks Gary, Yuric, Derek and the entire team for everything and we can’t wait to work with you again.

The Ramesar Family

My wife and I are just ecstatic about our new Wine Cellar.

My wife and I are just ecstatic about our new Wine Cellar. We had been toying with the idea of how to fill an otherwise dead corner in our basement and thought why not fulfill a dream I had of having my own wine cellar. Your expertise from start to finish through initial idea stage, through design, construction and install was stellar. Your mechanical crew was knowledgeable, courteous, and were able to quickly resolve small site challenges on the fly. Your installer Yuric was exceptional. He treated our home and our new room as though it was his own and his finishing was of the highest level. As an owner of a construction company it was evident to me how precise and meticulous he was, and it shows to all that have seen it with nothing but the highest compliments paid. We appreciate your hard work and would recommend your firm to anyone interested in upgrading their home in this fashion.

Best Regards,
Joseph Iacovantuono
Uxbridge, Ontario

Joseph Iacovantuono

love, love, love our wine cellar!

Gary, we wanted to report back to you how much we love, love, love our wine cellar! The cellar itself is a work of art and exceeded our expectations, but it was the professionalism of you and your team that really impressed. Any appointment we ever had with you (measure/design) commenced on time and proceeded in a very efficient manner. Follow-up was swift, and communication was always timely.

When it came to the installation, Jason also exceeded our expectations every step of the way. He was punctual, polite, professional and efficient. There were a few flaws in the raw room where the cellar was to be installed, and Jason was able to adapt to ensure that the finished product looked perfect.

Truly, I can’t thank you enough. Our cellar is now the highlight of our home and brings us more joy than we could have ever expected. Thank you.


Excellent work - very professional and high quality

The team at Rosehill did a fantastic job with construction of our wine cellar (650 bottles). Our installer Yuric was phenomenal: very courteous, professional and took his time to do a flawless job. We have dealt with one other wine cellar company in the past, and recommend Rosehill without hesitation.

Simon Lauzon

We are extremely pleased with our Rosehill wine cellar.

We are extremely pleased with our Rosehill wine cellar. Gary and his team brought our vision to reality and truly transformed our space. Professional, meticulous, friendly, attentive and efficient are just some of the many ways to explain Rosehill. Chris's precision work really shows. His trustworthiness and care of our home and space while installing was beyond comprehension. I have never dealt with such a professional group of people. The project was finished on time and on budget. We cannot wait to use the cellar for years to come. We highly recommend Gary and Rosehill for any of your wine cellar needs

Seth Greenspan

The workmanship and detail is exceptional.

We always knew when building our home, we wanted a wine cellar with that ‘wow’ factor and Rosehill delivered! Gary was happy to take our idea/wish list with the design into consideration and then he and his team ran with it! The workmanship and detail is exceptional.

Colin & Julia

We are extremely happy with Rosehill’s work and outcome

We are extremely happy with Rosehill’s work and outcome of our new wine cellar. Gary and his team are a pleasure to deal with and professional at every step along the way. Chris the installer was timely, respectful of our space, and easy to work with. Can’t say enough about how easy a process it was with Rosehill Will Cellars. An A+ in our view.

Robert A. Janson

Best knowledge base in Canada

I have been dealing with Rosehill for years now to supply cooling units and metal racking for my custom designed wine cellars in Calgary and area. They are absolutely the best resource in Canada for everything wine cellar related. Happy to work with them again and again!

Steve Trutenko

Wine Cellar Customer – Old Oakville

The wine racks are installed. I think they look good but I need to buy more wine!
Wine Cellar Customer – Old Oakville

Old Oakville

Pek Preservino Professional

I Purchased Pek Preservino Professional based on many expert favourable reviews. It is meant to preserve opened fine old wine in the bottle.

The pourer aerates the bottle, the best way I know to hasten deterioration. With this aeration it stirs up old red wine sediment in the bottle and pours it into the glass. Then you add argon to the well oxygenized bottle. This system does not work and accelerates, rather than prevents wine deterioration. Neither Presevino nor George Riedel (who gave it a glowing recommendation) gave me the courtesy of a reply to these concerns.

These comments do not reflect on Rosehill, who sold me the device.

Michael Mant

Thank you!

Hi Gary. I just wanted to reach out and thank you guys, now that my wine cellar is complete. It simply looks amazing! Gary, your design turned out to be perfect for the size of the room, and we couldn't be more pleased. Yuric was very meticulous and we love his work.... and he is a real gentleman too!
Thank you guys again.

Paul Rizzzi

Paul Rizzi

Gary and his team at Rosehill exceeded our expectation

The comment is always the same when someone new enters our wine cellar. THIS IS AWESOME! Gary and his team at Rosehill exceeded our expectation in creating a new wine cellar in an existing space that was just storage. The attention to detail and quality is second to none. The installer is a true craftsman and it shows in the details. This cellar was completed on time and on budget. Gary also provided very valuable input based on his experience in the design process. I will strongly recommend Rosehill to anyone considering a wine cellar.

M. Liptok

The Perfect Wine Cellar

Thank you Gary to you and your team at Rosehill Wine Cellars for the outstanding workmanship and care you showed to make my wine cellar perfect. Rosehill is precise and detailed and you were very particular to ensure the design met my expectations. Your input on the design and modifications has made the cellar a better and more efficient layout. I am extremely satisfied and it was truly a pleasure dealing with Rosehill on all levels. This quality built wine cellar is definitely an asset to my new home which I will enjoy with family and friends for years to come. Your attention to detail stands out above the rest!
Carlo DeGasperis - Vaughan, ON

Carlo DeGasperis

A Beautiful Addition to our Home

We are very pleased with our Rosehill wine cellar. The workmanship and quality of all elements of the cabinetry, both inside and out, have exceeded our expectations. It is a beautiful addition to our home and a pleasure to use. Rosehill’s installer took the utmost care throughout the installation process and was very respectful and careful while in our home. Gary has been a pleasure to work with and very responsive to our needs related to the project. We will definitely recommend Rosehill to our friends and colleagues.

Mark & Michele H.

The Perfect Little Wine Cellar

We have the perfect little wine cellar at our beach house — thanks to Gary LaRose. The wine cellar was supposed to be considerably larger but got scaled back when the plans were redesigned and most of the basement got eliminated. Nonetheless, Gary continued to work with us in the same professional, skilled and helpful manner. The wine cellar was one of the most pleasant and easy parts of the design and construction. Rosehill has a fantastic showroom and Gary knows his product very well. We had a preliminary design and Gary made several significant improvements. Gary works on the premise of “measure twice and cut once”. He came out to the site several times to ensure the dimensions were 100% accurate and his installation team did excellent work. Gary is meticulous which works well with us as we are very fussy customers. Building a great wine cellar definitely requires specialized expertise and Rosehill provides the caliber of work compatible with high-end home design and construction. We highly recommend Gary and Rosehill and look forward to working with them another time — on a larger wine cellar!

Donald Guloien and Irene Boychuk

Professional, Courteous, and Reliable

We were thrilled with the design, installation and service and can't wait to fill it up. Through our renovation, we have had to deal with many different service providers and your team stood well above the crowd. Without exception they were professional, courteous, and reliable. Thank you for making this happen for us.

Louie and Nella


We just wanted to say thank you very much for our new Wine Cellar! Fantastic!! It was exactly what we wanted. Please know our experience working with Yuric, Derek and Jason was very positive and very rewarding. Yes...our wine deserves the very best home.

Sheila and Sal

Absolutely Thrilled

I am absolutely thrilled with the way it looks and your team's work, including yours.
Everyone really seems to care about the work, from the cooling unit installers to the rack installer. All of them took the time to explain what they were doing and provide helpful suggestions.
It's been great working with Rosehill!


The Wine Cellar Looks Great!

The wine cellar looks great, although we are still a couple of weeks away from getting wine in there. From our perspective we are very pleased with the end result as we got the look and feel we were hoping for. As a repeat customer it was a pleasure going through the process a second time. From design, installation and product quality our expectations were exceeded.

S. Boyd

Big Thanks!

Job well done!

Thanks to Rosehill Wine Cellars for working closely with me in getting the design and execution I was looking for. The cellar looks awesome. I wanted a rustic looking wine cellar with the convenience and efficiency of a new construction. The team at Rosehill designed and sourced materials that were perfectly suited to get the job done and constructed on schedule. Big thanks to Gary and his team.

C. Reid

A Pleasure to Work With

Your company has far exceeded my expectations and everything looks great. The gentleman you sent was a true pleasure to work with and really outdid himself. I appreciate the workmanship, the quality and your follow up. This is the way I like doing business!

Lino C.

Modern Vintage View Wine Cellar

Modern wine room built with Vintage View wine racks. The customer sought a more modern/industrial look. This look was achieved with black wine racks, black glass channel, and a black evaporator faceplate. This wine storage cellar offers an interesting visual look with a mix of presentation racks and wall mounted wine racks. This wine room is cooled with a WhisperKool Ceiling Mount split system.

Cambridge Customer

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I had very high expectations for what we wanted in the way of a wine cellar. You blew away those high expectations with a wine cellar that is literally a functioning piece of art. Your work was done right on time and on budget. Your entire staff was very professional and did not cut one corner. They cleaned their work up every day before going home, and my wife and I hardly knew there was a major renovation happening in our basement. No drywall dust or tools all over the place.

You took the design I had in my head and fine-tuned it into something even bolder and more beautiful. I can’t remember having the experience of being so fully taken care of the way your company looked after this project. The wine cellar is definitely a conversation piece with anyone that visits our home. More importantly I spend hours every week in the cellar organizing and planning my wine purchases. I am excited to fill the entire 1000 bottles that it stores.

The glass wall and doors looking in on the dark wood shelves is over the top delicious. When I asked my fellow wine connoisseurs for their recommendation on who to use to build our cellar, all three of them gave Rosehill Wine Cellars as their first pick. Clearly they knew what they were talking about.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jason G.

Surpassed Our Expectation

As with our initial cellar, every aspect of this second project - from concept, design to completion, surpassed our expectation. All ways within budget and timeline. Thank you for such a great result and we're thrilled with the new cellar space.

Graham W.

Staff was Very Helpful

Sales staff was quick to point out the minor changes in the new unit versus the unit it was replacing.

Gregg S.

Couldn't be Happier

I was extremely impressed with the customer service. When I placed my order on-line I ordered the wrong size. I phoned Rosehill Wine Cellars the next day, and in less than a minute the lady that answered my call tracked down my order and changed it to the correct size. She assured me that there was no problem with changing my order, and that it would still arrive by the end of November. It was delivered to my door 6 days later well packaged and in perfect condition. I couldn't be happier and will recommend Rosehill to my friends.

Rosy H.

Very Pleased

Very pleased with the speedy delivery and the product. I will be recommending your product to others.

Dianne A.

Very Professional

Great products. Good Prices. Delivery was super-fast. Consistent follow up at key stages in the process. Very professional. Nobody's time is wasted. Overall excellent value proposition. Will highly recommend to others.

Greg R.

Positive Experience

Overall a good and positive experience ordering through your website! Product was delivered on time and works fine.

Thank you!


Order Online

I was happy to have the opportunity to order on-line, as I am some distance from any retail outlet that carries your products.

Joan V.

Realize your Wine Dreams

Rosehill was terrific during this lengthy process and you never gave up. I appreciated that. I am glad to have worked with you on projects at this house and my previous home. Your company provides a valuable service to the wine aficionados of our city. Thank goodness there are people out there like you to allow people to realize their wine dreams. I wish you much continued success.

Warmest Regards,
David W.

David W.