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The Greatest Wine Cooler

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The Greatest Wine Cooler in the World

This wine cooling bucket has it all looks, charm and the ability to keep your wine cool and dry! Efficient cooling is provided in this aluminum based cooler, as it transfers cold better than stainless steel, acrylic or clay products. Available in titanium, black, silver or gold/brass finishes, this functional wine bucket offers two separate compartments one for the ice and one for your wine. White wine as an example in this cooler would be chilled but not as cold as an ice bucket. This cooling bucket also looks great and will impress all of your guests, where ever it resides. This wine serving bucket fits larger sized bottles such as sparkling wines and Burgundy bottles, plus with ice in a separate chamber, your wine bottle doesn’t drip with moisture. This wine cooler also requires less ice to chill your wine than a regular ice bucket. Order the greatest wine cooler in the world today!