WhisperKOOL Ceiling Mount Mini Split Wine Cellar Cooling System

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The Ceiling Mount Mini Split system can accommodate cellars approx. 500 cubic feet.

  • Virtually silent operation
  • Liquid bottle probe
  • Humidity control
  • Alarm options
  • 55°F temperature delta
  • 220V Condenser can be placed outdoors 

The Ceiling Mount Mini Split system is designed for smaller capacity cellars. In a small environment, you need all the space you can get for racking. Don’t let a cooling unit limit you.

Designed & Assembled in California

Additional Information


Evaporator: 22.05" L x 11.08" D x 11.34"H

Condenser: 31.18"L x 10.75"W x 21.18"H


Suction: 3/8" OD (1/2" greater than 50ft)
Liquid: 1/4" OD


1/4” ID clear plastic tubing

Technicians and installers will be happy to hear that the electrical wiring, bottle probe wiring, and the line set are all located at the bottom of the unit, rather than the top. Not only are the essential components relocated and easier to access, flare fittings will now be utilized so that there is no brazing needed in the field. The redesign includes e-coated duramax evaporator coils which will improve system performance, and a new looking hex mesh grille with an air filter to protect the unit from the intake of potentially harmful debris during the initial start-up.


For the Split System series, a 24V option is also available which allows you to tie into your home electronic thermostat or home automation system, please inquire.  

 Although the cooling units are rated for various size rooms, the thermal load may require a larger sized cooling unit.  Thermal load may be affected by glass in the cellar, room positioning or other factors.  Please let a Rosehill Wine Cellar rep make some suggestions for you if needed.  


Technical Specs