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This built-in wine cellar can contain 38 bottles*. Modular with is dual zone; one for your wine and a second for beverages that require very low temperatures to be consumed. This beverage center perfectly fits all your needs! Also equipped with a door alarm, this one will advise you, by the emission of a ”beep” sound, if the door is not closed correctly.

  • Glass door black stainless steel seamless frame - reversible.
  • 5 sliding shelves plus 1 half-shelf / 46 bottles*
  • Features an electronic touch screen panel inside the cabinet
  • Does not lock
  • Embraco compressor, Dual zone, high 5°C- 12°C low 12°C - 19°C
  • Black box - Built-in - 16 mm handle and included pro handle
  • W 23 1/2” x H 32 1/4” x D 22 1/2”

Additional Information

Wine CellR Cabinets

Great for catering professionals or the new wine connoisseur, Wine CellR built-in or freestanding wine cabinets are practical, cost-effective cabinets.

Features on most cabinets unless indicated otherwise:

  • Built in or Free standing climate controlled cooler. 
  • Digital Temperature Display C° / F°
  • Black finish on sides of cabinet 
  • Interior LED light
  • Tempered double pane glass door, stainless steel trim
  • Most cabinets have reversible doors unless specifically indicated per cabinet.  
  • Min 5 ° C - max 22 ° C on most single zone cabinets with Dual Zone max of 19 °C
  • Security Lock 
  • Charcoal Filter in most units (E.g. not in the 18 BK) 
  • 115V / 60HZ
  • Cooler: R134a
  • L/CSA ETL Approved 

HINGE ORIENTATION - Most models are being changed to a reversible door.  Standard hinge will be on the right when looking at the front of the cabinet.  The door swing can easily be changed on site to left hinge.  Should you wish Rosehill to change the hinge orientation prior to delivery, there will be a $50 charge.  

The enclosure cut out needs only to be slightly larger than the dimensions of the cabinet to slide into space if being built in.  Please note, the Wine Cell"R wine cabinets are NOT designed to sit flush with surrounding cabinetry.  The door has to remain outside the enclosure to allow opening. (It’s not a zero clearance hinge – you need about ½” or so to allow the door to open. )

Product Manuals

Wine CellR Instruction Manuals

Instruction manual for WC34PLSZ5, WC38SSTBC5, WC46PLSZ5 and WC46PLDZ5
Instruction manual for WC26SSTDZ5, WC46SSTSZ5, WC46SSTDZ5, WC54SSTBC5, WC166SSDZ5 and WC181SSSZ5
Instruction manual for WC18FGBK5, WC32FGDZ5, WC46FGDZ5, WC94FGB5 and WC194FGB5

If you can’t change the temperature on your Wine CellR cabinet, you may have “locked” the cabinet by holding down on the temperature adjustment buttons for too long.  To unlock the controls you need to hold and press the '' - '' minus button for 3-5 seconds until your temperature number changes to a letter. This letter has to be '' E ''. If not, change it to that letter by pressing either the plus or minus button until it shows E. Then wait until it goes back to the current temperature display. You can now unlock the panel by pressing the padlock button and then set it to your desired temperature. After a few minutes it will cool it down to what you set it to.