Vintage Keeper Wine Cabinets (WineKoolR)

Vintage Keeper Wine Cabinets (WineKoolR)

Vintage Keeper is the world's most economical wine cooler cabinet. Bottle storage from 110 to 500 bottles. There are four models and two different colors of this wine cooler to choose from. Available in your choice of Black or Mahogany. 

New Series called the Wine KoolR.  




We have a high turnover of inventory so you are always getting the most recent version of the Vintage Keeper wine cooler cabinets from Rosehill - Newly rebranded as Wine KoolR. The Vintage Keeper climate-controlled wine cabinet offers a budget solution to store your wine collection!   These wine cabinets will have a see through door.  Currently the black cabinets are glass and the Mahogany cabinets are bullet-proof glass doors (Lexan), but this may change at any time.   They provide a unique electronic temperature control system that is the finest and most precise in its class. Storage from 110 to 500 wine bottles.  Lexan (bullet proof glass)  is similar in look and feel to plexiglass.   

  • Please note the WineKoolR - Vintage Keeper cabinets are not meant to be built in.  They need air circulation surrounding the unit.    

Wine KooR - Vintage Keeper‚™ - How It Works:

Ultra-quiet digital wine cooling unit.

Temperature range 52 to 64 degrees or set to Celsius. 

Two "quiet" fan settings.

Vibration & acoustic damping/isolation within the cooling unit.

Airflow is computerized.

Plugs into standard 15amp dedicated outlet: 115volt/15amp.

Where to put Your WineKoolR Wine Cabinet:

The Wine KoolR is a top-exhausting wine cabinet and therefore is not to be built-in in any way. The Wine Koolr - Vintage Keeper is to sit in a climate controlled room that is well ventilated.  These wine cabinet are not meant to be built in.  Only units which specify “zero-clearance” or “built-in” can be built into cabinetry.

Cold cellars, garages, attics, hot laundry rooms, or outdoors are not suitable places for a Vintage Keeper to be placed.  The room in which a Vintage Keeper is placed must not exceed 80F / 27C.

Not designed for commercial use.

The Vintage Keeper Wine Cabinet is built to CSA-US, CSA-Canada and CE International overall certification.

The WineKoolR -  Vintage Keeper unit may also go by the name of: Wine KoolR, VP, NUVO, TWE, Tuscany Plus and Tuscany Odyssey.