Spring Into New Tasting Experiences With Premium Wine Accessories

Most of Canada can describe the 2024 winter season as “the winter that wasn’t.” Aside from the occasional snowfall — most of which melted in a matter of days — Canadians have been treated to an unusually mild winter.
Now that spring is here, it’s time to usher in brighter days. For wine lovers, that means trading bold, comforting winter wines for crisp, quenching spring wines. And there’s no better way to enjoy wine than with a wide selection of premium wine accessories.

Furthermore, how people consume and enjoy wine will change with the turn of the season. Warmer weather means outdoor plans such as picnics, hikes, and other activities that are all the more enjoyable with a crisp glass of fine wine.

For the purpose of helping you toast the spirit of spring, we’ve assembled this thoughtful guide on premium wine accessories. Specifically, you’ll learn how to plan a spring or summer outdoor excursion with premium wine accessories to make every spring wine-tasting experience a special occasion.

Wine Accessories For Every Seasonal Occasion

Wine Accessories For Every Seasonal Occasion
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Premium wine accessories are a series of tools and gadgets designed to enhance the enjoyment of wine. Many wine accessories are easy to pack and use outdoors while basking in the warm weather of spring and summer.
So, what items should you pack for a celebration of wine this season? Here are some of the best premium wine accessories you can pack for your March Break adventure.

Unveil New Experiences With Wine Aroma Kits

Wine Aroma Kitsf you’re a true wine sommelier, you’re likely passionate about the history and intricacy of winemaking. Wine aroma kits are a great resource to inspire thought-provoking conversations about wine with your guests.

Each kit includes uniquely scented aroma bottles. Additionally, you’ll find educational booklets describing the origins, ingredients, and production of each type of wine. Therefore, you can have captivating conversations inspired by each aroma bottle before treating yourself to your favourite glass of wine.

Benefits of Wine Aroma Kits

A wine aroma kit enhances your olfactory senses. As a result, you’ll detect and appreciate the intricate aromas in various wines.

Each aroma kit focuses on specific aromatic families, such as fruits, flowers, and spices. You’ll identify a wide range of aromas in different grape varieties that influence the scent, taste, and texture of various wines.

Begin with the introductory aromas and gradually progress to more complex scents. Aroma kits follow a systematic approach to aroma recognition, creating a guided experience to build your olfactory memory. Also, most kits include a detailed guidebook that provides information on the aromas, their origins, and their presence in different wines.

In summary, wine aroma kits are like a journey for your senses, unlocking the hidden aromas within your favourite wines. Whether you’re a curious wine novice or an experienced connoisseur, these kits will refine your senses and educate your palate — all while you enjoy a fun day out in the fresh air.

Pop a Bottle of Bubbly With a Champagne Sabre

Champagne SabreSuppose you’re planning a romantic afternoon with your significant other. There’s no better way to create a romantic moment than to indulge in a chilled bottle of champagne. And there’s no better way to open a bottle of champagne than with a champagne sabre. 


Benefits of Champagne Sabres

Sabering a bottle of Champagne is a show-stopping spectacle that adds a touch of theatre to any celebration, and it’s the perfect way to intrigue your date. The bubbles burst as the popping sound creates an atmosphere of excitement and festivity. Your champagne sabre creates a clean break at the bottle’s neck, ensuring a smooth pour uncompromised by glass shards.

The Champagne sabre typically has a long, flat blade with a hilt. The blade’s design glides smoothly along the seam of the bottle. The hilt often features an elegant handle, enhancing the overall aesthetic and providing a comfortable grip for the sabreur.

Firstly, ensure the Champagne or sparkling wine bottle is well-chilled because a cold temperature makes a cleaner break. Identify the seam on the bottle that separates the neck from the base.

With a swift, confident motion, slide the sabre along the seam, applying even pressure to the lip of the bottle. Allow the blade to follow through, continuing past the lip of the bottle. The pressure and speed will result in a clean break, and the cork will fly.

Embrace the tradition, sharpen your sabering skills, and pop your champagne in style!

Wine Glasses for Every Celebratory Occasion

Any spring-like wine celebration can’t be complete without wine glasses. You can find wine glasses for virtually any occasion and bring them with you on your venture outside. Now is an excellent time to stock up on your wine glass collection.

Here are some of the most common wine glasses you can purchase and pack for your next outdoor adventure.

Champagne Flute Glasses🍷

Champagne flute glasses with champagne toasting over a light meal.

Calling all sparkling wine enthusiasts! Champagne flute glasses combine effervescence with a highly refined design.

The tall, narrow shape of Champagne flute glasses maintains the effervescence of sparkling wines. Certainly, the elongated design adds a touch of elegance and sophistication as you enjoy those beautiful bubbles and tantalize your senses.

Ensure you chill your sparkling wine to a serving temperature of 40-45°F (4-7°C). Then, pour your favourite Champagne or sparkling wine slowly into the flute. Fill about two-thirds to the top and let the bubbles sparkle inside the glass. Hold the glass by the stem and toast your significant other to a beautiful day together. 


Burgundy Wine Glasses🍷

Burgundy wine glass filled with red wine held up against an ocean backdrop.

Nothing says romance like a bottle of red wine, and burgundy wine glasses are tailor-made for red wine tastings. The bowl of a red wine or burgundy glass is wider and rounder, delivering wine straight to the tip of the tongue.

Burgundy wine glasses promote better aeration by releasing delicate aromas, especially in complex red wines like Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo. The shape of the glass directs the aroma toward the nose, amplifying the aromatic experience. It captures and concentrates the nuances of the wine, letting you savour every subtle note.

Versatility: While traditionally associated with Burgundy wines, these glasses can also be suitable for other aromatic red wines, such as Chardonnay and Syrah. They’re the perfect complement to any red wine you bring on your springtime celebratory outing.


Bordeaux Wine Glasses🍷

Bordeaux wine glass partly filled with red wine sitting on top of a book.Bordeaux glasses are designed with a large bowl, allowing the wine to breathe and release its intricate aromas. You’ll catch every nuance of your Bordeaux wine, including the fruity notes and the subtle hints of oak.

Due to its pristine shape, Bordeaux wine glasses direct the wine to the back of the mouth. A Bordeaux wine glass unlocks your wine’s rich and complex flavours.

Bordeaux glasses have an elegant, elongated stem and a classic tulip-shaped bowl. It’s easy to hold your Bordeaux stem, preventing the heat from your hands from warming your wine.

Fill the glass no more than one-third to one-half full, allowing room for swirling and aeration. Swirl and sniff your wine to release those aromas and savour the bouquet as you sip to your delight.

White Wine Glasses🍷

White wine glassesWhite wine glasses have a narrower bowl than red wine glasses. The smaller bowl retains cooler temperatures, preserving the crisp flavours and intensifying the white wine aromas. The narrow rim directs the wine to the tip of the tongue, accentuating its acidity and enhancing your taste sensation.

White wine glasses resemble the shape of a tulip. This specific design concentrates on the sipping experience, while the long stem creates a helpful way to separate the coolness of the glass from the heat in your hand.

The slim rim of the glass guides the wine toward specific taste receptors on the tongue. It creates a very nuanced and versatile tasting experience.

White wine glasses are best for crisp and aromatic whites — the perfect wine to enjoy on a warm spring day. Add a floral and fruity taste to your March Break experience with help from your trusted white wine glasses.

Curved Corkscrews to Uncork Your Wine

Three wine corkscrews on table displayOnce you arrive at your location, you’ll want to set up a space to sit and enjoy your wine. The final step is to open the bottle(s) you bring, and you’ll need to pack a handy corkscrew to unseal the cork.

A wine corkscrew is dubbed a sommelier’s favourite toy. It’s the final gatekeeper that unlocks an enjoyable wine-tasting experience. Also, the art of opening a beautiful bottle of wine is more fulfilling when you use a finely crafted corkscrew to break the seal.




Wine Buckets and Chillers

Stainless steel wine bucket filled with mixed drinks on ice.Above all else, temperature is critical to enjoying a great wine. Storing wine at the proper temperature preserves its complex flavours and aromas, creating a more enjoyable tasting experience.

If you’re planning a fun day outdoors, wine buckets and chillers are excellent travel companions to help preserve optimal wine temperatures. Wine buckets blend stylish and functional designs and are available in stainless steel, elegant marble, and innovative finishes.

Regardless of your style of choice, each wine bucket and chiller serves a similar purpose. Wine buckets and chillers maintain ideal serving temperatures to create the perfect pour. When you’re out on the go, there’s no better accessory than a wine bucket or chiller at your side.

Pack Travel-Friendly Tabletop Entertainment

Cheese board with an assortment of cheeses and a cheese knife.Finally, what makes an outdoor celebration of wine even better? Pairing it up with your favourite meats and cheeses in a travel-sized charcuterie on top of portable tabletop entertainment.

You can pack cheese, meat, and cutting boards with your favourite bottles of wine. Add a collection of cheese knives to your accessories so that you can slice up bite-sized servings as you nurse a fine glass of wine.

Plus, you can use buffet or party-style plates to keep your meats and cheeses on a clean serving surface.



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