Introducing Vantaggio Wine Cellars — Wine Cabinet & Cooler Collection

Whether you’re a connoisseur or just beginning your journey as a wine collector, you need solutions that safely store your wine and provide the perfect conditions to properly age your wine collection. Introducing Vantaggio wine coolers, the perfect harmony of style and function, elevating your wine storage experience.

Vantaggio: Experience sophistication without compromise

Vantaggio wine cooler with arranged wine racks and lit up with LED lighting.

Vantaggio wine coolers cater to the diverse needs of all wine enthusiasts. Available in either single or dual-zone configurations, Vantaggio wine coolers preserve, age and display your wines in pristine condition until you’re ready to indulge.

“Vantaggio,” pronounced [vanˈtaddʒo ] in Italian, translates to “advantage.” By design, Vantaggio coolers give you the advantage of either single or dual-temperature zone configurations and the same reliable performance found in competing wine coolers that can cost you thousands of dollars more.

Set optimal storage temperature settings on your Vantaggio wine cooler using flexible, easy-to-use controls. Additionally, you can maintain proper humidity and even restrict the influence of lighting and vibrations — all essential items that influence proper wine storage.


How to install your Vantaggio wine cooler

Every wine cooler from the Vantaggio collection comes with easy-to-follow installation instructions and can be set up in minutes. Likewise, the programmable settings on your wine cooler are straightforward. As a result, installing and programming your Vantaggio wine cooler is as easy as opening your favourite bottle of wine.

Program your ideal settings to create the perfect storage environment for your wine collection.

Pre-installation: make sure your wine cooler is level

Firstly, ensure your chosen storage space is level before plugging in your wine cooler. Otherwise, you risk storing your bottles at incorrect angles and potentially spoiling the wine.

Thankfully, the Vantaggio wine coolers contain four adjustable feet that help you level the floor and bottle angles. Simply adjust the back feet to their maximum height and the front feet to level your wine cooler with your flooring. Upon placing your wine bottles in the wine cooler, your bottle angles are correct.

Power up your wine cooler

Once the wine cooler is level, it’s time to power it up. Press and hold the power button for a few seconds and take note of the temperature indicated on the LED readout.

Before your wine cooler reaches the optimum temperature, there may be a few degrees’ variance on the readout. It’s an expected occurrence since the wine cooler needs time to adjust when first powered up.

Install your adjustable wooden shelves

Vantaggio wine cooler insertable wooden racks.All Vantaggio wine cooler brands come with sliding wooden shelves. You can position these shelves as you deem best suited to store your vintage wine collection.

Follow the instructions and pull out the shelf to support the bracket. Then, press the two sides of the sliding roller buckles and pull out the shelf by following the arrow mark. Finally, push in the shelf alignment with two sides of the sliding roller, so your shelves are ready to store wine.

Organizing your Vantaggio wine cooler

Upon installing your shelves, it’s time to place your wine bottles into your wine cooler. Please note that there are two recommended ways to load your wine bottles.

If you have enough bottles to fill the wine cooler, arrange them in single or double rows within the unit. Whenever possible, try to separate wine bottles by factors like:

  • Red vs. white
  • Aged vs. new
  • Special occasions vs. casual consumption

Here’s a helpful storage tip. Arrange your bottles by the length of time you intend to store them. For example, preserve red wines for special occasions using less accessible areas of your wine cooler. Assist the aging process and unlock elegant and savoury experiences for those upcoming occasions.

Conversely, if you don’t have enough bottles to fill your Vantaggio wine cooler, evenly distribute your collection throughout. Spread your wines throughout the wine cooler, rather than consolidate them on one rack at the top or near the bottom.

Monitor storage conditions using built-in LED controls

Vantaggio wine coolers have built-in LED control panels.Easily monitor your wines’ storage conditions with Vantaggio Wine Coolers, as all models come with transparent glass doors that allow you to check in on your collection without opening the wine cooler.

Additionally, the touchpad on the front of the wine cooler is powered with LED controls. The LED displays the internal temperature of the wine cooler. Once you set the temperature, you can visually monitor the internal temperature and rest assured that your wines are safe, secure, and in the correct aging conditions.

Furthermore, try to refrain from making constant adjustments to the temperature settings. Set a recommended temperature for your bottles, as too many adjustments can spoil the aging process and ruin some wine.

Convenient dual-zone settings support a wide array of wines

Most wine collectors procure collections that contain both red and white wines. However, each type of wine contains unique compounds that age differently.

Some wine coolers are single-zone, meaning that environmental settings like temperature, humidity, lighting, and vibrations have only one zone control. If your collection contains various types of wine, purchasing multiple wine coolers becomes costly.

The V300 and V164 Vantaggio wine coolers come with dual temperature zones. Your LED control settings display both upper and lower zone temperature setup controls. As a result, you can program different temperatures for each zone and safely store red and white wines in one convenient wine cooler. Take advantage of convenience and improve your wine collection without breaking your bank account.

Interior LED lighting beautifully showcases your wines

Part of the magic in wine collecting is showcasing your impressive collections. Vantaggio wine coolers have built-in LED lighting that transforms your collection into a showpiece in your home.

Like the control settings on the LED display, the interior LED lighting is easy to manage. Simply push a button to activate the internal LED lighting. Suddenly, your entire collection is on proud display, creating a perfect talking point when you entertain guests. Turning off the LED display is just as easy. Push the same button and the lights will turn off.

Install Vantaggio wine coolers anywhere in your home

As a wine collector, it’s natural to assume a designated wine cellar is needed to store your collection. But Vantaggio wine coolers offer more flexible and convenient storage options.

The V54 Vantaggio wine cooler is easy to install under the counter in your kitchen, a perfect setup for casual or convenient wine consumption. It also saves valuable kitchen space, giving you more room for meal preparation and seating. Additionally, the wine coolers can be installed in home offices, living rooms, dens, garages, or any indoor location with access to electrical power and sufficient airflow.

If your home lacks the space for a custom-built wine cellar, or it is simply not in your budget, Vantaggio wine coolers are elegant, sophisticated and convenient solutions. Take advantage of Vantaggio wine coolers as a value-add investment for both your wines and your home. Vantaggio delivers real value anywhere and anytime.

Sophistication Without Compromise

Vantaggio Wine Coolers specializes in developing elegant and sophisticated products. All Vantaggio wine coolers are crafted using sleek modern designs that enhance your home or any wine cellar setting. Create the perfect environment to store your wines and increase the value of your investment. Vantaggio wine coolers protect your wine from outside elements within a controlled internal environment.

Vantaggio Wine Coolers help you preserve, display, and indulge in your favourite wines. Elevate your wine lifestyle affordably – choose Vantaggio Wine Cellars.