Celebrate the Beauty of VintageView Wall-Mounted Metal Wine Racks

Your modern, contemporary wine cellar isn’t fully complete without a beautiful display of pristine wine racks. A custom-built wine cellar is an artistic display of design/build ingenuity, and an immaculate collection of wall-mounted metal wine racks proudly show off your wine collection to visiting guests.

Custom wine cellars are built to each client’s unique specifications. Typically, the process involves on-site or online consultations that gather distinct measurements and design/build requirements. This information is shared with in-house CAD and construction experts to develop the wine cellar before the finished product is delivered to residential or commercial locations.


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Wine collectors build custom wine cellars to store most of their collections. Others display select bottles throughout their homes, adding to the decor or providing more convenient access when the mood strikes for a casual glass of wine. For this reason, you need proper wine rack storage solutions that can be installed in a variety of locations.

VintageView produces numerous pre-made metal wine racks that are tailor-made for numerous wine storage scenarios. In this guide, we’ll show you examples of VintageView wall-mounted metal wine racks that correspond with your custom wine storage displays.

VintageView wall-mounted metal wine racks collection

Amongst the most premium wall-mounted metal wine rack providers is VintageView. They are a brand dedicated to moving wine storage forward. Working in partnership with design/build experts, VintageView reimagined what wall-mounted metal wine racks can be. They created sleek modern designs that stand on the precipice of residential and commercial wine rack storage.

Here’s a brief overview of the most exquisite VintageView wall-mounted metal wine racks. Additionally, we show examples of how to install these racks within your custom wine cellar.

W Series metal wine racks

First on the list is the VintageView W Series wall-mounted metal wine racks. This remarkable wall-mounted display showcases label-forward designs that transparently display your entire vintage collection. The W Series has been a trusted and popular recommendation by interior design and building professionals for many years.

Here are some of the top examples of how to install the W Series wall-mounted metal wine racks. Also, you can showcase these racks within your cellar, or you can install them throughout your home.

W Series Wine Rack 5

VintageView W Series Metal Wine Rack displaying beautifully arranged bottles of wine.The W Series Wine Rack 5 is a very popular choice amongst wine collectors. Each wall-mounted metal wine rack measures at 5 feet tall, and you can customize the depth to feature between one to three bottles per row. Additionally, select colours that range from matte black to brushed nickel, chrome luxe, golden bronze luxe, and gunmetal luxe finishes.




W Series Over the Couch Metal Wine Rack

W Series Over the Couch Metal Wine Rack storing 15 wine bottles in rows of five.

Let’s say you have several bottles of white wine that you’ll be consuming in a small window of time. Since white wine requires less time to achieve its desired taste, use the W Series Over the Couch Metal Wine Rack for temporary storage.This minimalist wine display creates the perfect finish to your lounge room. Store your favourite bottles above a plush sofa or stylish credenza and add an artistic wine collection to your home.

The over-the-couch metal wine rack kit includes BILT 3D installation instructions. Use these instructions to create a unique display of your bottles. It’s also available in three unique depths to add vintage flare to your home dens.



W Series Under the Stairs

W Series Under the Stairs storing wine bottles in a cascading order under a staircase.

Not every wall-mounted metal wine rack belongs in a finished cellar or above your lounge area. From time to time, the best place to store and display your wine is under the stairs.

The W Series Under the Stairs metal wine rack is perfect for homes with two or more floors. The sophisticated design polishes overlooked spaces in your home, and the variety of racking heights allows you to follow the slope of your staircase.

Built with high-quality steel, these wall-mounted metal wine racks are backed by a lifetime warranty. Furthermore, they’re made available in your choice of matte black, brushed nickel, chrome luxe, golden bronze luxe, or gun metal luxe finishes.


W Series Waterfall

 VintageView W Series Waterfall Metal Wine Rack filled with beautiful wine bottles.

Any good wine collector is looks for new, innovative ways to increase the value of their collection. When it comes to wine rack storage, there are fewer innovative options than the VintageView W Series Waterfall wall-mounted metal wine racks.

This unique wine rack kit provides a distinctive backdrop in your home, storing bottles at unique angles in controlled environments. As a result, the W Series Waterfall also doubles as a significant display for vintage wine storage.

W Series Presentation Row Display

VintageView Presentation Metal Wine Rack filled with wine bottles in the back of a billiards room.

What if you could have both a stunning wine wall mounted with an original presentation row in the middle of the wine rack? Imagine the marvel of ingenuity and incredible display.

Well, that’s no longer just a dream scenario. The W Series Presentation Row Display wall-mounted metal wine rack features the presentation row nestled comfortably between the upper and lower metal wine racks.

The Presentation Row is available in matte black, brushed nickel, chrome luxe, golden bronze luxe, or gun metal luxe finishes. Add the finishing touch to your lounge area and show off your wine collection in style.

R Series Helix metal wine racks

Sometimes, the most visually appealing displays of wine bottles require minimalist designs. The Helix Wine Rack series modernizes the classic riddling rack with sleek storage specifications. The models are trusted by the top interior designers, architecture, home building and, best of all, custom wine cellar construction businesses across the globe.

Here’s a quick overview of the most popular Helix Wine Rack wall-mounted metal wine racks that you can install in your own home.

Helix Single Sided Wine Rack Post Kit 10

VintageView Helix Single Sided Post Kit 10 Metal Wine Rack positioned behind a dark wooden table.What if you could make your wine bottles appear as if they’re floating in the room? Even better, what if you could float your collection from floor to ceiling?

That’s what you can do with the Helix Single-Sided Wine Rack Post Kit 10. Built using hollow post sections, channel post sections, 6” mounting bases, and signature Helix wine racks, this impressive design is a marvellous addition to any room in your house.

When you order the Helix Single-Sided Wine Rack Post Kit 10, you’ll receive installation instructions that provide a detailed walkthrough of how to set up the wine racks in your home.

Additionally, the kit is covered by a lifetime warranty against factory defects. Use a dry cloth or compressed air to clean the wine kit posts and preserve their illustrious presentation. Use rubbing alcohol for stubborn stains or marks and prevent any household cleaners, chemicals, abrasive pads, or steel wool from interacting with the wine racks. These household items could damage the finish.

Helix Double Sided Wine Rack Post Kit 10

VintageView Helix Double Sided Metal Wine Rack with a fine dining room set.If the single-sided floating wine rack is good, the double-sided rack is even better.

The Helix Double-Sided metal wine rack displays your bottles as if they float on thin air. Additionally, they provide enough space to double the depth of bottle storage. In short, this remarkable display provides a minimalist presentation to your home.


Vino Series

Sometimes, less is more and minimalist designs create exceptional displays in your home. The Vino Series of wall-mounted metal wine racks is an exceptional choice for wine storage. Given that, it harmonizes modern finishes with minimalist bottle storage that’s mounted directly into your walls.

Here are some examples of the Vino Series wall-mounted metal wine racks and how to add them to your home.

Vino Pins Single-Sided Post Kit 10

Vino Pins Single Sided Post Metal Wine Rack separating rooms in a home.What if you had the freedom to display your wines anywhere you wanted? With the Vino Pins Single-Sided Post Kit 10 wall-mounted metal wine racks, you can do just that.

Firstly, their patented chic Vino Pins metal wine pegs and companion framing system are the perfect complement to custom tiled walls or glass backgrounds.

Secondly, if you have a room in your house or office space lined with glass walls, the Vino Pins floating wine racks give some vintage character to the space.

Finally, they’re constructed with commercial-grade steel and aluminum. The metal wine pegs provide a stable and controlled storage space to support your wine bottles. It’s the perfect addition to any room in your home.

Vino Pins Flex 45

VintageView Vino Pins Flex 45 Metal Wine Rack arranged in pristine order behind a desk.Ever seen flexible wine bottle displays that are arranged with unique-looking racks? Well, you can create a distinct look of your own with the Vino Pins Flex 45 wall-mounted metal wine rack.

You can scale a column of Vino Pins straight up the wall, or you can tilt the positioning of the pins up to 45 degrees. Subsequently, let your creative juices flow as you determine the best way to present your beautiful wine collection.

These signature wine racks are available in your choice of matte black, golden bronze, gun metal, gloss black, or matte black/aluminum. Also, the unique aesthetic is a great conversation starter as you show guests around your home.

Vino Pins Double Sided Post Kit 10

VintageView Vino Pins Double Sided Post Metal Wine Rack in a glass display in the middle of a decorated room.Suppose you have a glass divider in your home that separates two distinct rooms. If you want to add a little more character to the room, why not install Vino Pins Double-Sided wall-mounted metal wine racks to the space?

Built with patented Vino Pins metal wine pegs and companion framing systems, this two-sided configuration is the perfect way to display your wines in common areas.



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