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Le de Gaulle Corkscrew

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L’Atelier du Vin carefully selected each component of the corkscrew’s mechanism to ensure that it is robust and easy to use. Our redesigned “de Gaulle” corkscrew is equipped with a special forged, “Teflon-coated” worm and a five-step turn to properly grip the cork and extract it.

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Robust Components and a Foolproof Mechanism

“de Gaulle” corkscrew and sturdy spiral worm enables to effortlessly extract any type of cork without damaging it. The ingenious self-centring base helps to position it correctly on the neck, before plunging the metal into the soft cork.

We deliberately kept the body – made out of particularly hard-wearing zamak – in its original raw state, with a simple coat of transparent varnish and no chrome or paint, to emphasise its rugged nature. Its powerful matte black rivets and oversized gears further highlight its strong personality. The sturdy and authentic aspect of L’Atelier du Vin’s “de Gaulle” winged corkscrew can thus be seen at a glance.

This iconic corkscrew, both an everyday and precious object, will fit anywhere in your house, whether presented in a yellow and white decorative case, or carefully packed in a colourful gift box with a custom note.

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