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Gard'vin 3 Bouchons - Wine Preservation Power Stoppers

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On/Off Power Sealers: A Pack of 3 Wine Preservation Stoppers for an Electric Vacuum Pump

Designed to use with the Gard’Vin On/Off Power electric vacuum pump, these 3 wine preservation ensure that your newly opened bottle is hermetically sealed.

Equipped with a technical valve and a date dial, our On/Off wine preservation stoppers will enable you to enjoy a fine wine for longer…

Air Extraction and Vacuum Pumping to Preserve Wine After Opening

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Do you enjoy taking your time when tasting a good bottle? Then beware of wine oxidation after opening! To preserve a vintage wine after a first tasting session, sommeliers, cellarmen and oenologists require specific wine preservation tools: a vacuum pump and a technical stopper.

The Gard’Vin On/Off Power automated vacuum pump extracts the air from bottles, while our preservation stopper seals the neck and ensures that it is hermetically sealed.

This oenological system halts the wine’s oxidation process inside the bottle, limiting it as much as possible. This enables you to enjoy the aroma, tannins, and notes encapsulated in the bottle for a few more days, at your own pace and down to the very last drop.

On/Off Power Preservation Sealer with a Valve and Opening Date Dial

Can you not simply put the original cork back in place? Unlike cork, which lets air in (whether pierced or not), L’Atelier du Vin’s On/Off Power wine preservation stopper is completely airtight to both liquid and gas, meaning that after using the electric vacuum pump, the bottle is hermetically sealed until it is next opened. This pack of 3 sealers enables to preserve several bottles of wine at the same time, which is ideal for professional use, particularly for sommeliers, cellar men and oenologists. The Gard’Vin On/Off Power vacuum pump and its technical stoppers can therefore be used in wineries, restaurants, and wine bars or for tasting sessions in your own personal cellar.


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