DEGUSTIBUS Wine Tasting Glass Set

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Wine Tasting Glass Set with 2 Magnum testing leadfree crystal blown glasses ,  stand in oak wood and Aluminium , Hand made finishing.

Wine Tasting Glass Set with 2 Magnum testing leadfree crystal blown glasses ,  stand in oak wood and Aluminium , Hand made finishing.

Set of glasses in lead-free blown crystal featuring a base made of precious oak wood, finely hand finished and high-quality and long-lasting aluminum stand. Tasting your favorite wines will become a unique experience you can no longer do without.

h. mm. 360, Lt.0,8
h. 14” ¼

Unlike other lead-containing wine glasses, our glasses are made of lead-free ultra-clear crystal and are tempered to ensure durability.

The result of years of experience and passion, it has been carefully studied in every detail, combining the sensory pleasure of a good wine with a refined, surprising and luxurious shape. This glass is among the largest on the market: 28 cm (11’) high has a body diameter of 12 cm (5’) and a capacity of 800 ml. The shape of the exceptionally solid body combined with the thin stem, gracefully displays the color of red wines that are easily swirled thanks to the large surface, so as to perceive the most complex aromas.  The rim has been designed to have a perfect lip support and to direct the precious nectar in a precise way, thus turning wine tasting into a unique experience.

We have chosen great quality materials to create a highly reliable and sturdy set, defined by unique elegance. Maximum elegance for true Wine lovers. The soft and harmonious shape of the glass was designed to be both beautiful and also technically ideal for tasting all types of wine. The stem with a significant height gives the glass a unique elegance.

We have designed a wonderful wooden case that smells of wine cellar to emphasize the food and wine culture behind the creation of our products. Surprise your loved ones with this highest quality gift combined with this special and elegant gift box. The gift box will make the tasting set a fabulous present!

The DEGUSTIBUS tasting glass set is the result of years of experience in tasting combined with the passion for the world of wines. The practical support allows bringing the two glasses to the table in an elegant and unique manner and drying them on the support itself after washing so that they can better ventilate thanks to the passage of air, then preventing the water or detergent residues from remaining on the bottom of the glass or on the rim, altering the flavor of the wine when tasting.

Each piece is mouth-blown individually, to be then carefully analyzed and tested before packaging. This makes it unique. The details in precious oak wood offer a sturdy, modern and traditional look at the same time.

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