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The evolution shelf is exceptionally versatile. Add this shelf to any Evolution series product and mount directly on to a wall. The shelf is thin and strong and comes in single, double, or triple bottle depth choices.

When used with an Evolution product the shelf can support up to 50lbs and for drywall installations up to 25lbs. 

Additional Information

All evolution wine wall racking can be mixed and matched to create a variety of seamless heights. You can also add 3 bottle wide extension units to create the width you require. Each extension unit adds 40.2" to your width while sharing the central support bracket. Looking for custom sizing? This racking system and the extension kits are also available in single or double column wide options. Give us a call to help you with your custom wine wall! If you can't mount to the wall you can use the Floor to Ceiling Post system or take a look at the Free Standing options available as well.

5” Height:

  • Single Bottle Depth: 3 Bottles: 5”x41”x4.125”
  • Double Bottle Depth: 6 Bottles: 5”x41”x8.125”
  • Triple Bottle Depth: 9 Bottles: 5”x41”x12.125”
  • Add 40.2” with each extension kit

15″ High:

  • Single Bottle Depth: 9 Bottles : 15”x41”x4.125”
  • Double Bottle Depth: 18 Bottles: 15”x41”x8.125”
  • Triple Bottle Depth: 27 Bottles: 15”x41”x 2.125”
  • Add 40.2” with each extension kit

30” High bottle capacity and measurements:

  • Single Bottle Depth: 18 Bottles 750ml/12 1.5L bottles: 30”x41”x4.125”
  • Double Bottle Depth: 36 Bottles 750ml/24 1.5L bottles: 30”x41”x8.125”
  • Triple Bottle Depth: 54 Bottles 750ml/36 1.5L bottles: 30”x41”x12.125”
  • Add 40.2” with each extension kit

45” High bottle capacity and measurements:

  • Single Bottle Depth: 27 Bottles 750ml/18 1.5L bottles: 45”x41”x4.125
  • Double Bottle Depth: 54 Bottles 750ml/36 1.5L bottles: 45”x41”x8.125
  • Triple Bottle Depth: 81 Bottles 750ml/54 1.5L bottles: 45”x41”x12.125
  • Add 40.2” with each extension kit

Evolution Wine Wall:

The Evolution Wine Wall creates a unique way to have both label-forward wall mounted wine racking along with a “floating” element as well. It is available from 5” in height up to 45” in height which you can combine to create the height of your choosing. It also comes in a standard 3-bottle wide configuration and you have the option to choose between single, double or triple bottle depth with custom sizes and configuration available too. The Evolution Wine wall can be linked with 40.2” wide extension units to fit any wall space. The racks themselves are spaced to hold magnum, Champagne, and standard wine bottle sizes. Included with your purchase are matte black wall brackets and the required mounting hardware along with your choice of matte black, chrome, or golden bronze horizontal bottle rods.

Other options available:

If you don’t have the ability to mount the units right to the wall, the Evolution system is also available on a Floor To Ceiling Post or Free Standing Wine Tower.

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