Modular Redwood Wine Racking

F04 Curved Corner Wine Rack

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The corner wine rack measure 19 1/2" out along the wall in both directions from the corner.

Available in 2 sizes:

F04A measures 32"H x 19½"W and holds 32 wine bottles

F04B- measures 48"H x 19½"W and holds 48 wine bottles

The F04 is not intended to be used without modular wine racking attached to either side of it. If you want the corner wine rack to stand alone then you need to purchase to purchase hardware (F22C x 2) to allow this. Make sure you request it. The brackets will fasten the F04 directly to the wall.

Assembly of these wood wine racks is easy. The vertical "ladders" come with bottle cleats already attached. The horizontal crosspieces have notches, which fit into the notches on the vertical ladders.

This style of wine rack is designed for the 750ml Bordeaux bottle size. We suggest that you have at least one other bin type wine rack to hold a larger format (750ml) bottle, perhaps a Half-Bin, Champagne/Magnum or a Diamond.

Please note, that brackets DO NOT come with this rack to attach it to the wall, it is meant to be fastened to adjacent racks that are fastened to the wall.

This corner rack is also often separated by our customers to create filler columns.  Each F04 rack consists of 4 separate single column racks; by discarding the corner connector brackets you can use the columns on their own.  Each column is 4 1/2"wide.  You would also need to purchase 4 - F22C brackets with each F04 used in this manner.


Complete your cellar design with our matching base trim and/or crown moulding finishing kits; select appropriate sizes to fit for your selected racks   straight base/crown molding, curved corner base/crown molding, end cap for exposed sides


This California Redwood Modular Wine Rack system is ideal for the wine lover who wants a customized wine cellar at a great price!


Modular Redwood Wine Racking from Rosehill Wine Cellars

Modular Redwood Wine Racking Accessories

Modular Redwood Wine Racking from Rosehill Wine Cellars

No other wood wine rack system offers the same price and ease of installation as our modular California Redwood wine racks. The only tool required to assemble these wine racks is a hammer, and to install, a screwdriver.

Please note that these kits no longer include the 7/8" screws or nails. 

We strongly suggest using a brad nailer or professional staple gun to put the racks together as opposed to the nails supplied. Using the nails included with the kits may cause unnecessary splitting of the wood. The wine racks must be fastened to the wall - They are NOT freestanding. The installation manuals are available on line, look at the specific racking pages to see the manual.

There are NO PLUGS on the front of these racks. A clean look with smooth radius edges for all of the wood makes this modular racking system look and feel professional.

This redwood wine rack system can expand to fill your space and can be added to at any time.

Incredible flexibility of heights


Wine Racking Height Chart

This stackable Modular Wine Rack System is available in 2 heights:

A(32") & B(48") to allow for a number of configurations. The racks are a total of 9" deep. The racks themselves are 6-1/4" deep and the hardware sits them 2-3/4" away from the wall for a total of 9".

Upon stacking the units you can achieve a variety of heights, please see chart above.

For a small fee, our shop will cut the racks for wine to provide a custom fit for your wine cellar measurements. Certain wine racks can be made shorter in height, or narrower in width. This will enable the wine racks to fit without gaps and provide a custom look. No other distributor in the world is offering this service, and it truly will result in a professionally finished cellar. This is Rosehill Wine Cellar's way of providing you a custom wine cellar using modular wine racks at a modular wine rack price! We include with your order, our own handy tip sheet, which explains the best way to make these wood wine racks look terrific both during assembly and installation.

You can further enhance your cellar with our Modular Racking accessories:

  • Pre-cut Modular Redwood Base & Crown molding Kits can be added to any wine racking configuration. This will add an additional 1" each for height or a possible extra 2" of height.
  • All of our Modular Redwood wine racks can be installed double depth to increase bottle capacity (optional brackets required - F19/20C)

We are able to assist with the layout of your wine racks to make your cellar look its best.
We need your help designing so: Click here for assistance in designing your cellar.

For a comparison of Modular California Redwood wine racks, Premium wine rack kits, and custom wine racks. Click here for information.

Shipping prices are indicated in the shopping cart and will be more to your advantage as you order more racks.


The modular racking offers 9 different racks in 2 different heights.
Click here to see a simple comparison of all of the modular racks available.

If you would like a cooling unit as well shop our wine cellar cooling units.

Modular Redwood Wine Racks are readily available for shipment to destinations within the USA and Canada. Redrack wood wine racks, Modular Redwood Racking are produced and shipped from Mississauga, ON, Ontario, Canada, L5T 1K4 with USA distribution center in Phoenix, AZ, Arizona, United States

Sample pieces to show the color of the redwood.

Assembly & Installation Guides

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(F14C - F16C) Base / Crown & Molding
(F17 & F18) Curved Base / Crown & Molding
(F19 / 20C) Double-Deep Brackets


NOTE: We strongly suggest using a brad nailer or professional staple gun to put the racks together as opposed to the nails supplied. Using the nails included with the kits may cause unnecessary splitting of the wood.  1" - 1 1/8" finishing nailer.