IDR4-EC 4ft Endcap Package

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Image above shows the endcap installed on the base unit. IDR 4ft and the end cap are sold separately.

With this Metal Retail Endcap Package, approximately 6†will be added to the length of your display.

24 bottle total capacity

VintageView Island Display Rack - Endcap Package

Take advantage of retail space at both ends of the Island Display unit. Each Endcap Package adds 24 bottles. Buy two packages for addition to both ends of the Island Display Rack Base and increase your storage by 48 bottles!

Endcap Package including:

  • Frame for mounting to side of IDR
    (This unit must be attached to the left or right hand side of a IDR)
  • 2 x WS41 48" high VintageView racks
  • Necessary assembly hardware

    24 1/2"W x 5 7/8"D x 48"H

    Assembly is required

Order two kits to cover both ends of your IDR
Select color option below:

Additional Information

VintageView offers a wide variety of metal Retail wine racks in a variety of sizes, heights and for a wide variety of bottle capacities. Below is example of various configurations including the 3ft, 4ft, and 7ft racking. 

Base model with or without extensions are available. 

The label out display wine racks will maximize the exposure of your wine to ensure high sales and high product turnover. 

Matte Black: Flat Black

Platinum (Brushed Nickel): brushed nickel finish of the Platinum racks provide a modern and contemporary look.


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