R Series Helix Single 30 (minimalist wall mounted metal wine rack kit)

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The Helix Wine Rack is a wall-mounted wine rack designed to be installed into drywall or hard wood surfaces with a minimum thickness of 1/2” (1.5cm). For concrete, brick or stucco surfaces, use a 3/16” x 1-1/4” masonry screw or #8 x 1-1/4” screw with appropriate size expanding concrete anchor (not includ- ed).

*****Additional Information *****

If using an R Series Post System to mount Helix in a floor-to-ceiling application, reference instructions included with Post sections.


Reference chart to verify minimum clearance. Place Helix Wine Rack in desired location, level, and mark the mounting hole locations on the wall (Figure A).

STEP 2. PREDRILL MOUNTING HOLES Using a 1/16” Bit, drill a pilot hole to confirm if the surface is drywall or wood/stud backed. If drywall is determined, use a 1/2” drill bit to drill mounting holes.

If installing to a wood-backed or stud surface, continue to next step.

Helix Wine Rack Spacing Chart

Figure A Configuration (bottle position) Helix Single Depth (750ml*/1.5L*) Helix Double Depth (750ml/1.5L) From Obstruction (bottle neck) 3” (8cm)/3.5”** (9cm) 10” (25.5cm)/12” (30.5cm) From Obstruction (bottle base) 10” (25.5cm)/12” (30.5cm) 10” (25.5cm)/12” (30.5cm) Overall Width (from centerline) 13” (33cm)/15” (38cm) 21” (53.5cm)/23” (58.5cm)

*For 750ml bottles 13” or taller, and for 1.5L bottles 15” or taller, subtract 2” from bottle height to obtain min obstruction from bottle base. **Use for Champagne spacing

 Instructions: Helix Wine Rack

STEP 3. INSTALL HELIX Drywall Surfaces: Remove the expanding nuts from the Toggle Bolts. Insert the bolts through the mounting holes and, with the wings of the nut oriented to fold toward the head of the bolt, thread an expanding nut back onto each bolt until the tip of the bolt starts to protrude from the end of the nut. Hold the strip so the Toggle Bolt aligns with the ½ inch holes and gently push the expanding nut through the wall (Figure B). Ensure that the wings of the expanding nuts have fully expanded on the back side of the wall and tighten the bolts, verifying that the rack remains level.

Wood Surfaces: Insert the wood screw through the mounting holes, and secure using a drill (on low setting to prevent striping) or Philips head screw driver. Verify the rack remains plumb and level before fully tightening.

If installing only one rack, skip to step 5.

[OPTIONAL] STEP 4. STACKING RACKS Helix Wine Racks are designed to align, vertically, to create custom wine displays of virtually any height. Align the next Helix Wine Rack** above or below the previous rack and repeat steps 1-3.

**For Double Depth Wine Racks, alternate between Standard (VintageView logo faces RIGHT) and Mirror (VintageView logo faces LEFT) models to maintain alternating pattern of bottle depth (Figure C).**

STEP 5. INSTALL HOLE COVERS Snap mounting hole covers into the open holes to complete the look (Figure D).

STEP 6. ADD WINE Preferably the good stuff.

Maintenance and Care Helix Wine Racks should be regularly inspected for secure wall attachment. Should any fastener be found to be loose, tighten it appropriately.

Helix Wine Racks may be cleaned with a dry cloth. Use rubbing alcohol for any difficult to remove stains. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive surfaces as they may damage the finish.

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