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Retail 10 Freestanding Island with Single Display Row - - Premium Wooden Wine Racks

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Retail Wood Wine Racks


These stand alone island display racks are model racking for commercial display.

Island Display style wood wine rack with single angle rack.

Stand Alone wine rack holds up to 264 Bottles.

Dimensions: 48" H x 47 7/16" W x 26 3/4" D

Also use this wine rack as 2 halves for different locations!

Wine rack is made in two pieces. When put together as one rack there is one piece of plywood in the center to give the rack strength and no sway. This wine rack may potentially be split in two if you wanted to use half sections. If you are attaching them to the wall the plywood is not needed. If you are using the two half sections separate and free standing you will need to provide a second piece of plywood for the back support. That plywood can be bought from a local lumber yard.


African Mahogany (Sapele) or Beech Retail Wine Racks.

Free-Standing wine racks, presentation perches and wall mounted racking specifically designed for a commercial  retail sales environment.

Wine POS racking.

Sapele/Mahogany or Beech are hardwoods, making them more durable for a retail environment. Sapele, a wood from the African Mahogany family is a darker alternative, whereas the Beech is more pale in nature. It's durable, attractive and suitable for any retail environment.

These commercial wine racks are modular and built to last. Our retail wine racks are specifically designed to maximize product exposure, make wine bottles more easily accessible for customers and, in turn, increase product sales. A wide selection of 10 racks and freestanding islands allow you to combine our modules to maximize bottle capacity and create displays that are completely unique to your store.

Assembly is required; but relatively easy. Depending on the racking style, the vertical ladders come with bottle cleats already attached. The horizontal crosspieces have notches, which fit into the notches on the already assembled vertical ladders. Island displays are meant to be free-standing, but wall mounted racks so need to be fastened to the wall.  

These racks are NOT meant to be interchangeable with our other racking systems. They may work together in the same room, however, not adjacent to each other or on the same was as the racks/crossbars will not line up.

For orders of 5 or more racks, please contact us for special product & delivery pricing.

European Beech

European Beech

Lighter Pale Cream Color


Sapele (African Mahogany)

Sapele (African Mahogany Family)

Brownish, Darker Color


Line Drawings with Dimensions and alternative views. 

Retail 25 Diagram
Retail 10 Diagram
Retail 13 Diagram
Retail 21 Diagram
Retail 1 Diagram
Retail 3 Diagram
Retail 12 750ml Diagram
Retail 12 Magnum Diagram
Retail 15 Diagram
Retail 6 Diagram

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