W Series Presentation Row (wall mounted metal wine rack)

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A complementary 3- or 9-bottle steel wine display to enhance the design of any W Series wine wall, cellar, or room. The W Series Presentation Row option is a unique label forward approach, resting the bottom of the bottle first as if a Sommelier is showing off the wine tableside.

The Presentation Row is designed to perfectly sit on top or in the middle of columns of W Series label forward wine racks.

Our W Series PRs connect to expand horizontally (using supplied couplers) allowing multiple configurations for any wine room project.

Product Manuals

W Series

The original label-forward wine rack maintains its status as the superior storage option for leading design and construction professionals. Perfect for residential or commercial products, small to large.

  1. In The Box

    Comes complete one (1) Presentation Row wine rack, hardware for drywall and wood wall installations, and all finishing pieces.

  2. Customize By Modularity

    With two (2) standard widths, custom results come as easy as working with our in-house CAD team.

  3. Sleek Finish

    Built with high-quality steel, backed by a lifetime warranty, and offered with choice of matte black, brushed nickel, chrome luxe, golden bronze luxe, or gunmetal luxe finishes.

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