Wenghe Pakkawood Corkscrew

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Legnoart Grand Cru Sommelier stainless steel mirror finished corkscrew.
Handle made of Wenghé Pakkawood.

Larger sized corkscrew, much larger than traditional waiter’s corkscrew. 

This Wenghé Pakkawood oversized corkscrew is 1” longer and proportionally wider than comparable openers.
Roughly 5 ½” long when closed and wood face is ¾” wide.


  • Long lever handle
  • Double curved
  • Professional screw
  • Engraved back

For Corporate or Bulk gifts of 60 or more, please inquire on this corkscrew with plain packaging, no box. You get the same quality corkscrew but at a more affordable price.

Designed and made in Italy in partnership with the most famous Sommeliers in the world, Legnoart provide you with elegant and reliable corkscrews for true wine lovers. During the production process, each crafted component goes through 190 steps, to make sure every corkscrew is unique in comparison with others on the market.  With integrated high-quality steel, double-hinged fulcrum leaver and a wide variety of wood finishes, Legnoart corkscrews are not only pieces of art, but a corkscrew you will enjoy for a lifetime.


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