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Wine Cell'R Wine Cabinet: Filter Replacement

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EURO WC 2020046

Prevents bad odours and mould from forming in your cabinet.

Owing to a natural ventilation system by breather effect it prevents bad odours and mould, which could adversely affect the taste of your wine. We recommend that you replace the filter every year, for optimal performance.

*Compatible only with EuroCave cellars*

The charcoal filter is located in the vent hole upper left side inside your wine cabinet.
Step 1 – To access, remove the bottles then the shelves of the upper section of your cabinet.
Step 2 – Remove the filter by giving a quarter turn.
Step 3 – Insert the new filter from the inside of the wine cabinet.
Step 4 – On the control panel, press the charcoal filter button, then on the “+”, and then the charcoal filter button again. The 365 days countdown is now reset and the alarm has gone off.

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