Zalto Universal Wine Glass

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ZAL 11301

For expressive, medium to full-bodied wines with fine minerality and subtle aromatics, this glass emphasizes complexity and refinement.

Height: 235 mm, width: 91 mm, filling quantity: 555 ml

Recommended for Riesling, Grüner Veltliner, mineral edged Chardonnay, Chianti and complex sparkling wines.

Hand made, mouth blown, non-lead universal wine glass good for red wine, white wine and rose. 

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ZAL 11 301, ZAL 11301, Zalto Tasting Glass
Universal Wine Glass
530 ml capacity and 235 mm height

"The glasses from Zalto will inspire you and force you to re-evaluate your relationship with whatever stemware is in your collection. While priced at a premium, this still provides exceptional value compared to the top line offerings from Riedel, Spiegelau, et al. Elegant in your hand like in a way that no other stem achieves, this glass elevates even the most pedestrian of wines to Grand Cru status. The Zalto glass brings a sensuality and seductiveness to wine drinking that is missed in these days of exhibitionist wines. Drawing you in closer, it whispers the pedigree of what's in the bowl, and allows the wine to tell its tale - heartfelt, honest, and transparent."

-Robert Miller 

Zalto Stemware is praised worldwide. These wine glasses originate from a boutique factory in Austria, and are recognized all across Europe by the wine industry. Additionally, Zalto glasses are praised by many critics such as Robert Parker, as well as journals like the L.A Times, the Wall Street Journal, and Bon Appétit.

Zalto Wine Glasses are incredibly lightweight with a beautiful balance. Gary LaRose, the owner of Rosehill Wine Cellars, loves them and uses them regularly at home. 

Please note that Zalto glasses are dishwasher safe. 


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