Coravin Wine Preservation: Pour. Explore. Preserve.

For many years, wine enthusiasts pondered how they could pour wine without breaking the seal of a corked bottle. Those pondering thoughts were largely answered when the Coravin Wine Preservation Opener was unveiled to the wine-loving community in 2013.

The Coravin Wine Preservation System became very popular among wine enthusiasts at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, in 2022, Oprah Winfrey selected the Coravin Wine Preservation System as one of Oprah’s Favourite Things ahead of the holiday season that year.

Does Coravin really preserve wine?

Group of friends enjoying wine using Coravin system.


What makes the Coravin Wine Preservation System effective lies in how the openers use pure argon gas capsules. If you think back to your high school chemistry years, you might remember learning about the element of argon.

Argon is a heavier element than natural oxygen. It’s through this added weight in the argon gas that a barrier is created between your bottled wine and the oxygen in the surrounding room. The argon shields the wine from the oxygen and prevents oxidation, thereby preserving the aroma, taste, texture, and quality of your wine for longer periods of time.

Learn more about oxidation and wine preservation techniques by reading our wine care guide, which offers detailed instructions on storage temperatures, cork preservation, humidity effects, storage angles, and optimal serving temperatures.

Why you need the Coravin Wine Preservation System

The habit of leisurely consuming specialty wines will always remain. Let’s say you have a rare bottle of Merlot that’s imported directly from the Bordeaux region in southwestern France. But you’d rather not share this wine and instead savour the delicious flavours all on your own.

The challenge here (if you don’t manage to finish the entire bottle yourself!) is the threat of oxidation. As soon as you uncork the bottle, you have a one to two-day grace period before the atmosphere spoils the rest of the wine. Suddenly, a rare, and likely expensive bottle is largely going to waste.

The Coravin Wine Preservation System solves that problem. By using the argon-powered opener to pour your desired wine, you preserve the seal of the bottle and conserve its remaining contents. With one simple investment, you now have the luxury to sample that rare bottle of Merlot at your own pace and in your own time.

How long does wine last after opening with Coravin?

Coravin system on a tabletop surrounded by fine foods and wine glasses.


The Coravin Wine Preservation System gives you the freedom to pour the wine you desire and save the rest of the bottle for weeks, months, or even years. You can have a glass one day, and then return to that same bottle a week, a month, or even a year later and still enjoy the same quality taste.

The caution lies in how much argon gas remains inside your in-use capsules. Typically, a single capsule can safely pour between 15 and 20 five-ounce (150ml) glasses of wine.

Therefore, make sure you stock up on replacement argon gas capsules. A 24-pack of Coravin Pure Argon Capsules power both Coravin Timeless and Coravin Pivot Wine Preservation Systems, providing ample opportunities to savour delicious wines at a leisurely pace.

How the Coravin Wine Preservation System works

Coravin system pouring white wine into a wine glass.

Now, let’s get to the most fundamental question of all. How exactly does the Coravin Wine Preservation System work, and what do you need to know? The process is very straightforward, as simple as insert, tip, and pour.

The first step is to push the clamp release up, unlocking the seal on the argon capsule cup. Twist and loosen the capsule cup so that you can insert an argon capsule into the base of the opener. Then, reseal the capsule cup by twisting it back into place on the preservation system.

Make sure you don’t overlook this crucial step: press the trigger at the top of the opener to clear the system of any air or wine residue contained in the capsule. This prevents an inadvertent supply of oxygen from entering the bottle when inserting the Coravin system.

Once the trigger is clear, align the clamps around the top of the bottle and push down in one fluid motion. The needle within the clamp will fully insert itself into the cork, creating a small pathway for the wine to flow from the cork into your wine glass.

Tilt the opener by wrapping one hand around the bottle and placing the other at the top of the Coravin handle. Press and release the trigger quickly and pour your desired amount of wine into your wine glass. Once you have the desired amount of wine in your wine glass, tilt the bottle back to a fully vertical position and place it on your countertop.

Lastly, return your hands to the base of the bottle and the top of the opener. When you’re ready, pull the Coravin system straight up in one swift vertical movement to release the opener from your wine bottle. The cork will fully reseal itself, and only a small drop of wine will remain on the base of the cork. Wipe it away and restore the bottle for another occasion.

You can watch this helpful Coravin Timeless instructional video for a visual demonstration on how to use the preservation system.

Examples of Coravin Wine Preservation products

Finally, what are examples of Coravin Wine Preservation System products that you can use to improve your enjoyment of wine? These are among the highest recommended Coravin products, so analyze each of them closely and select the system that complements your preferred choice of wine.

Coravin Pivot+ Wine Preservation System


Coravin Pivot+ Wine Preservation System pouring red wine into a wine glass with a white background.
The Coravin Pivot+ combines preservation with aeration that delivers a fresh-tasting glass when you’re ready to enjoy your wine. It creates an aromatic and flavourful taste as you pour your wine that complements your mood as you savour it.


The Coravin Pivot+ is the perfect preservation system if you want to preserve wine but not for extended periods of time. Once you insert the Pivot Aerator attachment and pull out a glass of wine, you can preserve the rest of the bottle for up to 4 weeks.

Each Coravin Pivot purchase comes with one pivot device, two pivot stoppers, one Coravin Pure Argon Capsule, and one bottle sleeve. You can also purchase additional argon capsules to stock up on supplies if you plan to manage multiple bottles using the device.

Coravin Timeless Three+


Coravin Timeless Three+ - Rosehill Wine Cellars
The Coravin Timeless Three+ Wine Preservation System is the perfect introduction to a Coravin product. You can use the Coravin Timeless Three+ to preserve still wines for weeks, months, and even years without any risk of spoiling the wine.


All versions of the Coravin Timeless are manufactured with a moulded all-black architecture, creating a sleek and stylish finish that highlights the premium ability of the product.

Determine how many bottles of wine you intend to sample in smaller tastings for longer periods of time so that you can select the Coravin Timeless Preservation System that best suits your wine loving needs.

Coravin Timeless Six+

Coravin Timeless Six+ pouring red wine into a wine glass with a white background.

If you’d like to sample multiple bottles of wine using your Coravin Wine Preservation System, consider investing in the Coravin Timeless Six+ System. Like its sister product, the Coravin Timeless Three+, the Coravin Timeless Six+ is an elegant way to preserve your wine and enjoy a fine glass at your convenience.

This luxury wine preservation system is perfect if you’re hosting a wine tasting event or indulging with like-minded connoisseurs. The Coravin Timeless Six+ comes in a variety of colours and designs that range from a high-glass finish to metallic accents and other premium accessories. You can choose an all-black or silver design.

The most significant difference between the Coravin Timeless Three+ and the Coravin Timeless Six+ is the number of Timeless Standard Screw Caps that come with the system. You have six screw caps that you can use, making it easier to sample multiple bottles of wine at a time.

Coravin Timeless Eleven


Coravin Timeless Eleven clamped onto a red wine bottle.
The Coravin Timeless Eleven lives in a whole other category from its sister products. What makes the Coravin Timeless Eleven distinct is that it is the first automated wine preservation and pouring system.


You can download the Coravin Moments App onto your smartphone and control the entire pouring process by tapping a few buttons. The added controls include options for custom pouring speeds, system status checks, and prompts that remind you when argon capsules are running low on necessary gas.

The Coravin Timeless Eleven is the ultimate advancement in wine technology. Almost uniquely, its list of key accessories are tailor-made for wine collectors, connoisseurs, and even tech-obsessed consumers.

Coravin Sparkling


Coravin Sparkling clamped onto a bottle of sparkling wine with a white background.
Coravin Sparkling is the ultimate sparkling wine preservation system. Sparkling wines are a popular brunch beverage of choice, and you can use the Coravin Sparkling to sample that delicious bottle of sparkling wine at one brunch, and then save the rest of the bottle for another brunch on another weekend.


The Coravin Sparkling is designed to preserve the crisp flavours of your favourite sparkling wines for up to four weeks. If you like hosting brunch parties, the Coravin Sparkling preservation system is your new best friend.

Similar to the Coravin Pivot, the Coravin Sparkling is manufactured with both an all-black and stainless-steel design that encapsulates the professional quality of the product. All Coravin Sparkling purchases come with one sparkling charger, two Coravin Sparkling stoppers, four Coravin Pure Sparkling CO2 capsules, and one bottle sleeve.


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