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Gard'vin On/Off (Wine Keeper)

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Black Matte Finish

A vital need to "clear the air". A refusal to give up on the wine’s soul. The Gard’Vin On/Off vacuum pump and its sealer ensure optimal preservation.

once a bottle has been opened. It removes the oxygen so that you can enjoy the subtleties of your fine wine’s flavours and aromas once more.

This top-of-the-range wine tool is as useful as it is attractive and has become a reference in the oenological world. Its air extraction system is the result of many years of research and constant improvement. The Gard’Vin On/Off vacuum pump is used by sommeliers, wine merchants, oenologists and wine lovers, as it extends the life of their most precious vintages.

With its black matt finish and Soft Touch texture, this remarkable device is both elegant and discreet. Beneath its slender silhouette, the Gard’Vin On/Off vacuum pump allows to rapidly evacuate all the air inside the bottle. The movement is simple, smooth and effective.

To make the invisible operation of removing air from the bottle possible, the pump and cap are hermetically sealed. When the indicator on top of the On/Of sealer is in a downwards position, the air has been completely removed from the bottle and is firmly sealed. The wine is thus protected from any taste alterations due to oxygenation, preserving it for longer and ensuring that it doesn’t turn before your next tasting session.

The ON/OFF Gard’Vin® (wine keeper) stops the open wine oxydation (not suitable for sparkling wines). The ON/OFF system is a colour indicator fitted to the Gard’Vin® sealer. It allows you to tell immediately whether or not your opened bottle is protected from the air.Synthetic metal soft touch or chromed metal. 

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