Wine Cellar Humidifiers

Stand alone wine humidifier - mount on wall drip-pad type.  This line of wine cellar humidifiers is specifically designed for wine cellars. The wine humidifier does not necessary need to be used with a Wine Guardian but can be installed in various wine cellar environments with different wine cooling units.

Please specify how you will be mounting the humidifier so we may included appropriate brackets. 

1 - Wall-Mounted - will sit on brackets fully inside the wine cellar

2- Through the Wall Mounted - will be recessed in the wall more to not stand out in the cellar as much, will be supported via "2 x 4" construction in your wine cellar walls. 

13 3/4"w by 14 1/2"h

A 1/4" water supply and 1/2" drain line required.

 Digital Humidistat for humidity read out.

115 volt power supply