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Cellar Pro Recessed Ceiling Mount 6000 Wine Cellar Cooling System

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CellarPro Ceiling Mount Recessed 6000Scmr-EC. 

CellarPro engineered the Ceiling Mount Mini-Split 6000Scmr-EC cooling system to provide maximum cooling power and adjustable humidity control with a pair of ceiling-mounted evaporators that can be recessed in the ceiling and therefore hidden from view. The condensing unit can be configured for indoor or exterior installations, and the evaporator includes a variable-speed fan with a low setting for quieter operation and a high setting for maximum power.

All air-cooled refrigeration equipment requires fresh air intake to dissipate the heat generated by the cooling unit. The condensing unit must be installed outside the cellar in a location that provides ample space and access to fresh air.

This system is suitable for wine cellars up to 1500* cubic feet in both commercial and residential wine cellars.


*The cellar size assumes that the cellar is constructed with a proper vapour barrier, insulation of R19 or better in all walls and ceiling (ie no glass or uninsulated concrete), a set point of 55F inside the cellar and ambient temperatures up to 85F outside the cellar.

Additional Information

    Inside the cellar, the evaporator unit is designed to mount on the wall near the top of the wine cellar. Outside the cellar, the condensing unit is attached to the evaporator unit by a line-set (sold separately) up to 100 equivalent feet.

    ALL Cellar Pro Split systems are available with an optional exterior hood, which allows the condensing units to be installed in external environments, subject to the temperature range noted above. Please inquire.

    Exposure to temperatures below 40°F requires the addition of our low ambient heater kit. The split systems are not shipped with the fan cycling switch required for low temperatures.  On its own, the cooling unit will function in environments above 40F/4C.  If your condenser will be in and environment below 40F/4C and approaching as low as  -20F/ -28C  you require the Low Ambient Heater kit.  The kit includes both the compressor heater and the fan cycling switch. 

    Technical Specs

    • Condenser Operating Temperature Range: 0°F to 110°F
    • Certified by ETL to UL standards
    • Active Humidity Control
    • Digital Controls (LED Display)
    • 115V AC / 60Hz
    • Auto-Defrost Cycle
    • Electronic Thermostat
    • Energy-Saver Mode
    • Quick-Chill Mode
    • Audible and Visual Alarms
    • Min/Max Temperature
    • Maintenance-Needed Indicator
    • Power On/Off Switch

    Size (Evaporator): (2) @ 35.8 x 14.2 x 12.8 

    Weight: 120 lbs/ea.

    115V AC / 60 Hz

    System Amps:
    - Common dedicated 15-amp Evaporator and 20-amp Condenser circuit (valve control) or 25-amp circuit (electronic control) is required to power the unit.
    - Startup: 53.0 Amps
    - Unit Amp Rating: 12.1 Amps (high fan speed)
    - Total Watts: 955 (med fan speed)

    BTUH @ 55F / Evaporator Decibels
    - Low Fan Speed: 4141 / 54 dbA
    - Medium Fan Speed: 4789 / 58 dbA
    - High Fan Speed: 5000 / 66 dbA
    - 1/2 Ton Nominal

    Condensing Unit Decibels
    - Indoor: 65
    - Outdoor: 63


    A limited 2-year product warranty is offered entire system from date of purchase.

    Cellar Pro Standard Warranty

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to have the installing technician complete the CellarPro checklist upon installation. You will then send this to Cellar Pro to activate your warranty.

    Shipping Information

    Large Item Shipping: Additional Shipping charges may be charged for accessory items ordered on their own without the cooling unit. Rosehill Reserves the right to contact you should shipping charges end up substantially higher than advertised on our website.  You will have an opportunity to not complete your order at that time.

    For CAD customers - Shipping Charges for importation, brokerage, duties are extra and might be charged extra, however you will be contact by a Rosehill Customer Service Representative to discuss it further. Local delivery included.

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