EuroCave La Première Cellar Large Model 8/3

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The La Première 8/3 is a single temperature cabinet, which allows you to store and mature your wine in optimal conditions, when placed in any environment including a cold garage. A single temperature can be set from 9°C - 15°C; the default is 12°C.

Available with 8 sliding shelves and 3 fixed shelves, the La Première 8/3 allows you to store approximately 182 bottles (using standard Bordeaux bottles). With a solid or glass door the clean understated lines of the cabinet ensure that it is easy and stylishly to fit into any interior. It is fitted with a door that can easily be reversed.

H x W x D (in inches): 72" x 25 3/4" x 27 1/7"
H x W x D (in mm): 1828.8 x 654 x 689
Weight: 156 lbs - 71 kg


Additional Information

Shelving Configuration options for PREM L
Bottle Capacity
Standard configuration (3 fixed, 8 sliding)
Maximum capacity (less shelves)

All Sliding Shelves
A Maximum of 14 sliding shelves will fit.

All Presentation Shelves
A Maximum of 5 presentation shelves will fit. 22 bottles on 4 shelves and 17 bottles on 1 shelf with 14 bottles in bulk storage below and a standard shelf with 13


The superior alarm function available on top models notifies of temperature or humidity issues, as well as need for filter change.  


Technical Specs

 Technology & Features

  • Twin Process - thermal regulation system offers temperature consistency from 10° to 14°C
  • All doors are reversible.
  • Lock & Key standard.
  • Hand de Sommelier (MDS) shelves (unless otherwise indicated)
  • Classic cabinets offer FG - Full Glass Door

Cabinet Construction

  • Cabinet walls contain at least 5cm thick Cellular Quality Insulation which has the same insulation value of up to 2 metres of natural earth soil.
  • Passive ventilation with a filter control, (Charcoal).
  • "Vibration Exclusion System" (VES), a powerful anti-vibration system.

Temperature Supervision
For maturing, the wine must be protected throughout from any excessive variations in temperature. This is why the electronic regulation system offers control down to a 10th of a degree. An LCD display allows you to instantly read the temperature.

Glass Door
EuroCave FG - Full Glass Doors are constructed with two sheets of 4mm tempered glass that are separated by a 2cm thick vacuum layer. This insures excellent insulation, which is a class leader. Also an U.V. screening process had been applied to the glass to protect your wine from light. As a side note, these doors are reversible.



Press Release - Vibrations

The EuroCave products guarantee:

Each EuroCave wine cabinet has an individual identification number which enables tracing of its origin and authenticity. EuroCave will only warranty cabinets sold by authorized dealers:

Warranty for all EuroCave cabinets offered directly by EuroCave:
-2 year parts and labor, 5 years on the compressor, 10 years rust proofing

Warranty for Revelation Series ONLY - 5 years parts and labor, 10 years rust proofing/corrosion

Shipping Information

Large Item Shipping: Additional Shipping charges may be charged for accessory items ordered on their own without the cooling unit. Rosehill Reserves the right to contact you should shipping charges end up substantially higher than advertised on our website.  You will have an opportunity to not complete your order at that time.

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