Liebherr Wine Cabinet HW 8000

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LIEB HW 8000

Built-in wine storage cabinet with glass (HW8000).

Holds 80 x 750 mL wine bottles and features dual temperature zones.

  • 24" Fully integrated wine storage cabinet
  • Dual-temperature zone for immediate serving temperature of white wine, reds and champagne
  • 9.0 Cu.ft./254L capacity
  • Insulated glass door with UV protection
  • Beech wood sliding shelves on telescopic rails in storage areas
  • Presentation shelf
  • LED lighting
  • Right Hinge – interchangeable
  • SoftSystem door technology
  • Touch electronic controls for precise temperature control
  • Door and temperature alarm
  • Fully integrated to match any kitchen

Stainless steel door.

H-69 11/16, W-21 15/16, D-21 13/16 inch

Additional Information

Liebherr has been the industry leader in wine storage since the early 1990s, initially creating products for high-end restaurants, wineries, and hotels. Liebherr customers wanted the same quality found within the Liebherr refrigeration systems for a wine storage line, and this is precisely what Liebherr provided. 

Temperature, humidity, lighting, and vibration will all influence how fine wines develop and the Liebherr wine fridge and wine cellar cooler units create the perfect environment for your wine collection. The conditions in which vintage wines are stored are extremely important.

Consistently high air quality supplied during the maturing process is enhanced with the activated charcoal filter.


  • German engineering and European design equals top quality.
  • Liebherr's specific electronic controls guarantee that temperature is kept constant and digitally displayed.
  • Wine bottles should always be stored on their side, to help keep the corks moist.
  • With ideal humidity conditions for long term lay down times associated with vintage collections,
  • Charcoal filters purify incoming air, effectively eliminating the possible impact of foreign odours on the maturing process of your wine.
  • Wooden shelving pull out shelving.
  • Innovative, dimmable LED lights provide an ambient atmosphere. Since any heat generated by the LEDs is minimal, your wines can be presented for a longer time period.
  • Specially developed compressors that are designed to minimize noise and eliminate vibration.
  • Top quality insulated and UV tinted glass doors provide a dark storage conditions that vintages demand.
  • Compressors designed to be free from vibration.
  • Right-hand hinge is standard, however, can be changed to left-hand hinge for a fee - please inquire. 

Types of Cabinets and Space Configurations

Freestanding vs. Built-in
Liebherr's freestanding wine cabinets and beverage centres have finished sides and top that are completely clad in stainless steel.

The built-in wine cabinets do not have finished sides or top, and are meant to be placed within cabinetry.

Some freestanding units may be built-in as they are front-venting, but can be stand-alone since they have stainless steel sides.

Single vs. Dual vs. Three Temperature Zones
Liebherr's single temperature zone wine cabinets allow you to regulate one set temperature throughout the cabinet - ideal for storing and/or aging wine.

The Dual zone wine cabinets allow you to set and maintain two separate temperatures within one cabinet. This configuration is ideal for keeping red and white wine at immediate serving temperature.

The Three zone wine cabinet can be configured in a number of ways. The most popular configuration is using the top two zones to keep reds and whites at their separate serving temperature and the bottom zone for storage. Another option is using one zone to keep champagne at its ideal serving temperature.

Climate conditions acceptable for a Liebherr
Unlike other wine refrigerators, which only have cooling functions, Liebherr is also capable of heating to maintain the perfect conditions should the wine cabinets surroundings drop below the desired temperature. Should the temperature of the space where the cabinet is sitting approaches 50°F (10°C). a heating function allows the cabinet to warm slightly to the desired 13-15 degrees. The heating elements also allow for 2 pieces to be put side by side without any moisture build-up on the side walls.

Please note, Liebherr cabinets are not designed to be placed in freezing environments. The lowest temperature of the space where the cabinet is sitting should not be below 50°F (10°C).
A heating function allows the cabinet to warm slightly to the desired wine temperature.

Liebherr's outdoor products are configured to withstand a greater ambient temperature gradient on the hotter side +50°F to 100°F (+10°C to +38°C) than the standard indoor cabinets.

Other Features for Liebherr wine cabinets offer touch controls and vibration free compressor.  These super quiet cabinets operate at roughly 36 dB(A) and can be integrated in any kitchen decor. 


 -2 years parts and labour.
-5 years parts and labour on the sealed system/compressor.
-12 years parts warranty on the sealed system.

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