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Oeno Collection 2

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A useful collection for wine enthusiasts. A sommelier’s personal toolbox with all its wonderful objects. Your complete collection of wine tools to open, serve, taste and preserve rare vintages of red, white, champagne and sparkling wine.

Embark on an exceptional journey with Oeno Collection 2. Open the box. A chrome glow escapes from the wooden case, beautifully coated in a matt black finishing. Carefully arranged within, lie 7 ready-to-use, rustproof wine accessories, awaiting the engraving of their owner’s initials. The wine ceremony may now begin. First remove the foil cutter, with its sharp blades. Then, the endless corkscrew, the Chic Monsieur. The worm plunges into the cork, effortlessly removing it along its metal curve.
Now place your pourer-leaf atop the open bottle. Watch as it naturally guides the liquid nectar into your crystalline glass, while subtly aerating the wine as it comes into contact with the textured surface. When you return the bottle to an upright position, the flow immediately stops without losing a drop. Once you have tasted the wine, use the Gard’Vin On/Off vacuum pump and sealer to limit the oxidation process by hermetically sealing the bottle.
A champagne flute? Take hold of your cork opener and carefully pop open the bottle. Enjoy the light bubbles in good company and if there is any left, prolong the effervescence by closing the bottle with the Model 54 champagne stopper.

1 Chic Monsieur®

1 ON/OFF Gard’vin®  + 2 ON/OFF sealers

1 Cork Opener

1 Pourer-leaf

1 Chromed metal Foil Cutter

1 Model 54

Dimensions : L 30 cm x l 20 cm x H,5 cm.

Engraving on the box.

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