Tall Single Wide Wine Locker

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Tall Single Wide Metal Wine Locker

Wine locker allow air to freely circulate within climate controlled cellar environment.  

  • 96 bottle capacity
  • 1 bottle deep
  • Holds standard 750 ml bottles
  • Cork forward style
  • Black Satin finish. 
  • Measures 85 3/8" H x 15 1/4" W

Additional Information

Locker system for your wine allowing ample air circulation within a individually locked environment.

Daisy chain installation allows you to add onto the combo at any time.

Starting at 48 bottle capacity and up these lockers hold up to 16 standard 750ml wine bottles per bin.

These lockers should be fastened to the wall, both to allow the racks to be securely fastened AND because the back of the racks are open.   

Great for condo’s or shared living environments. Also ideal for wine clubs, private cellars, golf clubs, restaurants and really anywhere wine lovers & collectors need a smaller locked space for their wine.

Each individual section within the wine locker is: 12.5” H x 13” W”

Wine Locker

Wine Locker Lock

The wine lockers come standard with backing, however images above are shown without backing to showcase the detail in the open metal.   

With the taller units, we encourage you to tether lockers to the wall for extra security.

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